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Best Proposal Tips and Ideas


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So, you’ve found the one. First of all, congratulations! This is the first big step of the rest of your life.

Now, you’ve got to propose and this can be difficult. There are ideas floating about in the web and you have to know which idea is best for you. So, we’re going to run through a few ideas to get your brain juices flowing.

An important aspect of proposal ideas is knowing your partner is going to love it. This means including her favorite places or even foods! We’ll run through tips and different ways of proposing that are bound to work.

This is perfect practice for marriage as well, this is basically what an anniversary looks like. So, without further ado, here’s the beginners guide to proposing!

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1) Tips For Planning Your Proposal

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Way back when, marriage served a more functional purpose. Making the proposal romantic wasn’t exactly in the equation. It’s purpose was to protect the woman. Now, it’s a favorite topic of conversation for budding newlyweds.

In Singapore, the anticipation is halted a little by searching for a BTO together. However, that doesn’t mean planning a romantic proposal is gone! If this is the person you love, there’s no reason you shouldn’t put some effort into putting a ring on it.

In order to do that, here are 10 tips for your consideration:

a) Location, Location, Location.

It could be the restaurant where you had your first date. It could be where you shared your first kiss. It could be where you first confessed your love for one another.

Either way, it’s got to relate to a favorite memory. You can relive old memories or create new, perfect ones. The choice is yours!

b) Involve Family and Friends.

A proposal can be an intimate moment between you and your partner. It could otherwise be a family and friends affair. These are the people that will be entangled in both your lives! They will be involved at some point. Why not the beginning of your engagement?

c) Hire a Professional Photographer.

Nothing screams memorable like having a photo to commemorate popping the question. Someone who knows what their doing will pick the perfect spot and shot. Trust us, this “yes” moment is something you’ll want to capture and remember.

Check our blog post on Singapore's Top Wedding Photographers if you need help in selecting the best photographers in the industry!

d) Incorporate music.

You don’t have to bring a boombox. But do find a way you can work this into your proposal. Especially if you and your partner hold sentimental value over a song. Planning the moment just right can be a chore. But it’ll all be worth it when you see your partner swoon over it!

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e) Flowers Go A Long Way

Flowers have been tied to a romantic engagement and romance itself. So, it’s strongly advised that you incorporate them somehow. Have a bouquet on standby after she says “yes”. Or bring her to a garden where you’re surrounded by them! Either way, this is key.

Check our blog article on the Top Bridal Bouquets in Singapore for the best vendors to buy your flowers from!

f) Timing is Everything

There is something in photography called the golden hour. This is a time of day where the sunrise or sunset makes everything look amazing. Whether you have someone to take your photo or not, it’s still a beautiful time of day for a proposal.

Also, you can take her for a lovely dinner thereafter!

g) Speak From The Heart

Confessing your love is the most romantic thing you can do. Consider this a lead up to the wedding itself! When you’re writing your proposal speech, don’t add big words and obscure details. Focus on the times you shared and the love you have for one another.

h) A Video Of the Blessing

It takes a lot of guts to walk up to the parents of your partner and ask them for their blessing. If you’re wondering if your partner knows it, we’re certain they do. It’s an intimate moment between the 3 most important people in your partner’s life and showing them would be a tearjerker.

Follow that up with a ring and the question? If they didn’t say yes, we will! If you need help with getting a professional videographer on this, check out article on the Top Wedding Videographers!

i) Incorporate Their Favourite Movie

We all remember that scene from Love Actually with the placards. To be honest, it’s a little tired and overplayed. But the truth is, sometimes that sort of thing moves people. Just as it might move your partner. Point is, do something that’s meaningful for them.

Even if you have to stand in the rain and tell them they’re all you want. Do it!

j) Quiet or Public Proposal

This is probably our most important tip. Not everyone is up for everything! A public proposal can be a little unnerving and your partner may not react the way you want. So, in order to save everyone from proper embarrassment, find out what sort of proposal they want.

But please, do so discreetly to not ruin the beginning of your engagement!

2) Ways To Do Your Proposal

To be clear, there isn’t a wrong way to do it. You know your partner best and what they want. Strictly speaking, the only wrong way to propose is in a way that your partner would out-rightly reject.

But, what we have here are ways to do it both simply as well as complicatedly. You can mix and match any number of these ideas together. So have fun with it!

3) Simpler Proposal Ideas

a) Set Up A Picnic

This is a low cost, high effort proposal idea! Be warned, if you cannot put your back into it, this probably isn’t the proposal idea for you. The simpler it is in concept, the harder you’ll have to go on the execution front.

Ensure you’ve packed yourselves good food, a picnic mat and some decorations your partner is sure to love. We strongly recommend fairy lights and candles for good measure. Ensure that you’ve got a chilled bottle of champagne for after you’ve popped the question.

Everything must be perfect.

b) Take A Hike Together

This can be physically taxing. But proposing at the end of a hike, on a peak somewhere, is a classic proposal idea. Especially when done at the break of dawn, it’s a beautiful time and place to be proposed to.

Although please ensure the both of you are not at risk of falling anywhere! Safety first.

c) Do It On A Rooftop

Particularly if this is somewhere you’ve shared memories with your partner, this can be meaningful. But otherwise, think of it like an event space you can do whatever you want with. Especially with the open sky above you? Romantic is just one of many words to describe this.

d) Recreate Your First Date

Everything from the dress code to the food your ordered. It’s cute, insanely romantic and it’s the first time you met each other all over again. Sparks flew then and sparks will surely fly once more when you pop the question!

Nothing like reminiscing to turn up the love for your proposal ideas.

e) Wrap The Proposal Into A Family Tradition

This one isn’t complicated, but it does require you to know your partners family quite well. So much so, you partake in their traditions. Roping your proposal into family tradition indicates 2 things. One, that you’re willing to be a part of the family. Two, that you know it well enough to pull this off.

This serves more as a strong emotional gesture and is very romantic.

4) Complicated Proposal Ideas

a) Take a Spontaneous Trip

This is a Hail Mary of a proposal and one you shouldn’t do if the time isn’t right. But, if all is well, this will sweep your partner off their feet. Your family may not be there and you may not have your photo taken. But to see the look on their face when you pop the question?

We reckon its absolutely priceless.

b) Winter Getaway

This is sort of like the previous one, but it’s a little different. Snowy countries have a unique charm to it and it’s often described as “magical”.

Maybe it’s the image of being snuggled by a campfire. Or perhaps you’re in an exotic country! Either way, it’s a beautiful way to propose. One in which we’d highly recommend hiring someone to take your photo for you.

c) Scavenger Hunt

Yes, it is fair to say that you finding your partner was the scavenger hunt all along. But you’re undermining how cool of an idea this is. Make the treasure find the treasure!

You can sprinkle about romantic hints and relive some memories along the way. We can admit the destination here is important. But just like life, this one’s more about the journey.

d) Plan A Fake Event

This gives you an excuse to have everyone around for the proposal and it’s 10/10 fun! You’ll have to plan a fake event like a wedding photoshoot. And while everyone is around pretending to be a part of this faux festivity, pop the question and take the photo!

This will take quite a bit of coordinating and planning. But it’ll be worth the shocked look!

e) Propose In A Hot Air Balloon

In the previous section, we recommended proposing on a rooftop. While romantic, we figured you could take it higher. Unless you’re in a country that has the space for this, you’re talking a destination proposal. But, it’s a helluva way to pop the question!

So, never mind the logistics and expense, this is the person you’re supposed to go all out for!

5) But, The Best Proposal…

Is one you put time and effort into. There are some proposals that cost virtually nothing but were incredibly memorable. And there are proposals that cost a fortune but left the proposed feeling hollow.

If you’re with the right person, the value of the gesture is all in the effort you put in.

So set up those fairy lights in the park or go book that hot air balloon! Plan everything to the letter and do not leave anything to chance. This is perfect practice for the wedding!

Lastly, engage your ideal Wedding Live Band for your wedding to make it memorable for you and your guests!


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