Top 20 Wedding Videgraphers


  1. Just Married Films

  2. Ichiro Films

  3. Iris Wave

  4. Substance Films

  5. Wande Films

  6. One Button Film

  7. Momentold

  8. Beyond Pictures

  9. aFerris Wheel Studios

  10. Candid Moments Cinematography

  11. Freya Films

  12. Forest Productions

  13. Green Imagination

  14. Portsdown Films

  15. Rekord Haus

  16. Rolling Pie Pictures

  17. Sense Gallery Production

  18. Simple Cloud Films

  19. Forte Visuals

  20. Winson Cinematography

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When you’re busy on your wedding day, there is a chance you might miss some things. The walk down the aisle can be pretty stressful and you may not take it all in.

You don’t want to miss Dad’s smiling approval. Or Mom’s tears of joy. More than anything, you don’t want to miss the way you look as lock eyes with your loved one. So, to get all that, you’re going to need memories “in-motion” and not “in-situ”.

Hence, we’ve got a list of wedding videographers to help capture those moments!

Oh! If you’re more interested in photographers, we’ve got your covered right here:

For now, let’s hop to it!

Who are the top videographers in Singapore?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 wedding videographers. With them around, you’ll never miss a beat.

During our preliminary research, it appears that being a storyteller is part of the job. Which means these vendors spin a narrative around your wedding. Be it on your actual day, pre-wedding or even during your gatecrash.

But it’s your narrative, your story and your special day.

Top 20 Wedding Videographers

1) Just Married Films

Just Married Films is passionate about story-telling. Specifically, the story of your most significant milestone as a couple. Since each couple’s story is unique and special, they’ve taken the last 8 years to perfect their craft. They say it is their privilege to be serving you in this industry.

Their wedding videography and photography services aren’t just about capturing your moments. In their words, “we touch, we create, we inspire”. Their passion for the artform extends to the point of them waxing poetic about it.

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