Top 10 Guo Da Li Shops

Photo Credit: Kekhoon


  1. Golden Happiness

  2. The Wedding Chamber

  3. The Chinese Wedding Shop

  4. Minah Departmental

  5. Cheok Kuew Bridal Co.

  6. Xiang Heng Wedding & Gifts

  7. Amanda Dreamweaver

  8. Shuang Xi Le

  9. Kekhoon

  10. Le Knot

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P/S: If you’d like the complete list of items by dialect group, we created infographics in another article titled Guo Da Li – The Complete Guide.

What is Guo Da Li?

One of the traditional Singapore Chinese wedding ceremonies is the Guo Da Li (过大礼)ceremony. It’s an age-old Chinese betrothal tradition that blesses the newlyweds with a blissful, happy and fruitful marriage. Both families of the bride and groom meet formally and exchange gifts.

The items vary from dialect group to dialect group. Fortunately, they are more similar than they are different. However, there is a set of things you are supposed to have. Modern practice is to discuss the list of items with your fiancé and families. This is to come to a mutual agreement on items you’d like to include or exclude.

Let’s get down to why you’re really here; you’re running out of time and you need to find these items ASAP. Well don’t worry, we’ve looked and found 10 places that have your Guo Da Li needs. Some of them have less of a storied history than others but they’re sure to have what you need.

In no particular order, let’s count them down.

Top 10 Guo Da Li Shops

1) Golden Happiness

Photo Credit: Golden Happiness

Who are they?

A relatively new entrant to the market, Golden Happiness was started by Jeffrey and Eyvon Ng in 2008. Since then, they’ve been featured on 8 days Magazine to highlight wedding traditions. They also collaborated with Poh Heng Jewellery to participate in a workshop on the same topic.

On their website, they’ve created different product lists for the various dialect groups to ease the buying process. Now THAT is customer service! You can find these distinct lists in the dropdown menu for The Traditional Wedding Story. So get started!

Contact Details:


Address: Wave 9, 71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9, #02-06

Opening Hours: 12pm to 6pm (Tues to Sun), Closed on Monday

Mobile: 9171 6463 / 9795 8499

Facebook | Instagram

2) The Wedding Chamber

Photo Credit: The Wedding Chamber

Who are they?

Since the wedding chamber started in 2005, it has grown it’s supply from around Asia. Their items are sourced fro