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Top 20 Dress Shoes For Men to bring the Gentleman in You! (Updated 2024!)


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Dress Shoes in Singapore?

Coco Chanel said it best, “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. Yes, gentlemen, she may not have directed it at you but she’s not wrong! A good set of shoes doesn't need to be complicated to tie a whole outfit together.

Especially if that outfit is your wedding suit!

For the most important suit you’ll ever wear, you’re going to want good shoes to match. So, what we’ve done is compiled a top 20 of the best dress shoes money can buy. We go through colour considerations, fashion trends and a few different types of shoes for your consideration.

So, lace-up! You might go shopping after this!

A) Colour Considerations for Wedding Dress Shoes

First and foremost always match the colour of your belt with your shoes! Follow this rule and you’ll never go wrong no matter the colour of your suit. Next, consider the colour of your suit. Grey, navy, black and brown tend to be the age-old stand-bys.

When combining the two, it is often the best practice to pair like with like. So, cooler colours with each other and earthy tones with each other. It makes for a look that doesn’t clash with the rest of your ensemble and is good on any occasion.

B) Different Types of Leather Dress Shoes in Singapore

For those who have seen the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, you know the difference between oxfords and brogues. But there are many more types out there! Let’s do a quick run down of the most popular types of shoes seen at weddings nowadays.

1) Wholecut or Cap Toe Oxfords

Image From: CNES

The traditional pair of wedding dress shoes! Whole cuts are made from a single piece of leather, giving them a sleek and seamless look. Cap-toes look similar but aren’t made from that single piece of leather and have a seam running across where your toes would be.

2) Monkstraps

Image From: CNES

Like an oxford but without the laces. In its place is a piece of leather stretching across your foot with buckles to secure it. This is an elegant modification to the traditional leather dress shoe that turns heads and catches eyes.

3) Loafers

Image From: CNES

Now imagine an oxford but without the laces and with more wiggle room. This is so you can slip in and out of it comfortably without hassle. Depending on where you get this from, they can make the wearer look more casual or just as formal but younger.

4) Mules

Image From: Rawls Luxure

These are loafers combined with a house slipper. If you believe in preserving tradition, mules can be pretty difficult to pull off, especially in conjunction with a wedding suit. If you’re looking to wear these, it is highly recommended that you save this for after the first outfit change.

5) Sneakers

Image From: Unsplash

Weddings have certainly taken a turn for the casual in recent times. Fashion trends and talking heads have elevated certain elements of culture into haute couture. One such element is the sneaker. Sneakerheads everywhere rejoice; a good pair of sneakers can match a good suit too!

6) Fashion Trends for Dress Shoes for Men

Image from: Unsplash

Formal leather shoes have always been the standard attire. Traditions don’t normally change overnight! However, there is an exception in the case of wedding sneakers! Weddings are normally lengthy affairs and you’re going to want something comfortable to walk in for about 4 hours.

Alternatively, you could try mules, a slip-on-slip-off version of the typical loafer. It gives you something easy to take on and off between outfit changes. It is a nice twist on the traditional look of loafers and gives your suit a chic look.


Top 20 Men's Dress Shoes for your Wedding

Now that we’ve gone through all the trends and all the types of shoes, time for recommendations. We’ve scoured the internet to give you the top 20 best-looking dress shoes with a bang for your buck. Take your time to peruse which would best serve your outfit on your special day!

1. CNES Shoemaker

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Image From: CNES Shoemaker

CNES Shoemaker strives to create elegant and functional shoes that befit any formal occasion. Their craftsmanship and design finesse helps them create some of the finest shoes money can buy. Along with the option to have your shoes made to order, the sky is truly the limit with them.

Contact Details:

Address: 259 Beach Road Singapore 199540

Contact No.: 9191 3750

2. Arden Teal

Image From: Arden Teal

Like your shoes with a hint of cruelty free Argentine leather? First, that’s oddly specific. Second, Arden Teal is the shoe brand for you. From the feet of Argentianian cowboys to you, you can get your whole cut oxford from them in the colours you’ve come to expect.

Contact Details:


Address: T-Space, 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #02-16, Singapore 528559

Contact No.: 9782 4397

3. Pedro

Image From: Pedro

You’ve surely seen this store litter the malls of Orchard Road and then some! With style as a focus, they recreate essentials with that touch of modernity. With them, you’ll be able to find the classics that fit right into the milieu of today’s fashion sensibilities.

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 6488 3688

4. Carl & Oak

Image From: Carl and Oak

A high fashion shoe maker that comes to you with mobile shoe fittings? How could you say no! Bespoke shoes were once an expensive and inaccessible affair. Since Carl & Oak stepped onto the scene, you can be sure of two things; the longevity of your comfort and that these shoes will be with you for a while!

Contact Details:

Address: One Raffles Place. #04-22 (Office), Singapore 048 616

Contact No.: 9626 2990

5. Jonathan Abel

Image from: Jonathan Abel

If you want specificity and precision of design, Jonathan Abel is the shoes for you. Everything is customizable from your outsole material to your insole colour. While one might think that that level of customizability might take a while, guess again. It only takes a mere 30 minutes.

Contact Details:

Address: 391A Orchard Rd, Takashimaya Department Store Level 3, Singapore 238873

Contact No.: 8428 6435

6. Josh Leong Shoemaker

Image From: Josh Leong Shoemaker

Built different, built better and built for you. That would be a short description of Josh Leongs’ shoemaking prowess. In his bio, he describes wanting to create a product that would develop character and beauty over time. The only way forward is to find out for yourself.

Contact Details:

Address: 8 Jalan Kilang Barat, #07-02 Central Link, Singapore 159351

7. Savelli

Image From: Savelli

Manufactured in Brazil but made for you, Savelli brings you the best that Sao Paulo has to offer. Since 2005, they’ve been making shoes for the world and could for you too. Named after the Italian province that has a reputation for it’s master craftsmen, Savelli is sure to delight.

Contact Details:

Address: 113 Eunos Ave 3, #01-15 Singapore 409838

Contact No.: 8903 7600

8. W.H.Y & Co

Image From: W.H.Y & Co

W.H.Y & Co. certainly has a story that most could relate to. After not being able to find affordable wedding dress shoes for his wedding shoot, Goh Weihan decided he’d make it himself. After a 4 year apprenticeship, he would never have this problem again. Inadvertently, neither would you if you paid him a visit!

Contact Details:

Address: International Plaza, 10 Anson Road #02-92, Singapore 079903

Contact No.: 9017 4843

9. Walking Tall

Image From: Walking Tall

Men, as much as we hate to say it, height does matter to us. Introducing Walking Tall; a men’s leather dress shoe brand with built-in heel lifts. The lifts are built snugly into the shoes and designed for comfort and confidence. More than being purveyors of quality footwear, they’re doing the good lord's work!

Contact Details:

Address: 277 Orchard Road, #04-05 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858

Contact No.: 6438 2526

10. Scofield Shoes

Image From: Scofield Shoes

Scofield Shoes prioritise quality over quantity. Despite each pair being limited in quantity, you can expect quality in every stitch. For your comfort, lamb skin is used on the inner lining for that soft luxurious feel. If you get a pair, these might turn into your daily’s shortly after your wedding!

Contact Details:

Address: FairPrice SingPost Centre, 10 Eunos Rd 8, B1-101/102/103/104/105/106/107, Singapore 408600

11. Church’s

Image From: Church's

Since 1873, Church’s has been a cornerstone of English footwear manufacturing. They recently found fame in Singapore and continue to deliver on its mission to make leather wedding dress shoes that you’d be happy to wear. They carry an assortment of leather goods so don’t be afraid to explore their other collections too!

Contact Details:

Address: 2, Bayfront Avenue, Unit B2-228 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 018972

Contact No.: 6688 7585

12. The Rawls Luxure

Image From: Rawls Luxure

Rawls only has an online presence in Singapore. But, you can be sure that they don’t miss a step. Having owned a pair of leather dress shoes ourselves, we can personally attest to their quality and affordability. No middlemen, no inflated price tags, just the shoes you want to be delivered straight to you.

Contact Details:

Contact No.: +91-8800191950

13. 3DM Lifestyle

Image From: 3DM Lifestyle

3DM Lifestyle only has an online presence in Singapore. But, this is also another brand that we personally own a pair of. Founded by Dhruv Bhalla, they can deliver everything if it’s made of leather dress shoes for men and goes on your feet. With the goal of stepping up your shoe game, we’d say they’ve done that for us!

Contact Details:

Contact No.: +91-9711114320

14. Alessandro Shoes

Image From: Alessandro Shoes

Alessandro is the private label that makes shoes under the company Djien Pte Ltd. It was established in 1994 with the purpose of distributing and retailing high-quality Italian leather dress shoes for your wedding. Despite it being a Singaporean company, the shoes are Made in Italy and they feel like it too!

Contact Details:

Address: Takashimaya Level 3, Men’s Shoes Department, 391A Orchard Rd, Ngee Ann City Tower A, Singapore 238873

Contact No.: 6968 2994

15. Alden

Image From: Alden

Built different but no less impressive, Alden’s shoe-making sticks to tradition. Alden is widely known for their whole-cut, hand-dyed tanned cordovan leather dress shoes. As a plus, they make belts to match too!

Contact Details:

Address: 83 Clemenceau Avenue #01-37 UE Square, Singapore 239920

Contact No.: 6733 1173

16. Aldo

Image From: Aldo

Another mass market choice for easy pickings, Aldo is a no-brainer. Although not bespoke, there is not a measure less of comfort and wearability. If you thought of Pedro, you’d surely thought of Aldo too.

Contact Details:

17. 51 Label

Image From: 51 Label

From the same 2 men that created Mr. G Sartorial, Jonathan Wong and Gary Ong bring you 51 Label. It is natural that after making suits that they’d have dress shoes in for footwear! Just like Mr. G, they purvey only quality and comfort.

Contact Details:

Address: 77 Kampong Bahru Road, #02-02, Singapore 169376

Contact No.: 9220 6082

18. Seamless Bespoke

Image From: Seamless Bespoke

Businesses often talk about synergy but none like what we found at Seamless Bespoke. They are a union between Lusso Tailors and shoe enthusiast Winston Liang. Their team of specialists will take care of everything from a suit to boot for your leather dress shoes for your wedding!

Contact Details:

Address: 16 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069696

Contact No.: 9384 8634

19. Vincitore

Image From: Vincitore

Slightly more Avante Garde that most have the stomach for, Vincitore is unique. They have unorthodox designs made available to all who dare! Walk down the aisle at your wedding with this pair of dress shoes and folks are sure to ask where you got them from!

Contact Details:

Address: 28 Sin Ming Lane, #05-136, Singapore 573972

Contact No.: 9853 9809

20. Yeossal

Image From: Yeossal

For a no-nonsense pair of leather dress shoes made with quality, check our Yeossal. They keep to the classics and the classics keep them well. Although a little out of the way, they can help you with your shoes and suit.

Contact Details:


Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3, #07-42, Vertex Tower A, Singapore 408868

Contact No.: 8202 3625


So, What Really are Dress Shoes for Men?

Based on this list, your thoughts on the topic might be a little hazy. Yes, leather dress shoes are made for formal events. But, trends change what you can and can’t do. It’s up to you to try them out. Don’t be tripped up about tradition but don’t feel obligated to try what’s new. The truth is, you should wear what you’re comfortable with for your wedding!

That’s why we compiled a diverse selection of shoemakers that range from bespoke to off-the-rack offerings. Our focus was not on heritage or pedigree but on how they would make you look. No matter your shape or size, each brand on this list is sure to jazz up your outfit.

So go on and hunt for that pair of dress shoes! We’re sure you’re bound to find that pair you’ll fall in love with!

As always, we hope you found this list informative and happy planning!

Lastly, engage your ideal Wedding Live Band for your wedding to make it memorable for you and your guests!



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