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Percussion Ensemble

Ever wanted a full percussion ensemble, giving your event a huge vibe of energy?


In collaboration with our trusted partners, we can bring you percussion ensembles that range from Samba style to Drummer boys and many more!

Just let us know what do you require and the setting for your event, and we will plan the rest for you.


Drop us an enquiry to know more!

Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble Singapore
Singapore Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble Singapore Musical Touch

Videos of our Percussion Ensemble

Big Opening Style Percussion Ensemble

Most suitable for a grand opening ceremony for Corporate Events, this 5 Piece Percussion Ensemble brings high energy and enthusiasm to all your attendees attending the event!

Brazilian Style Percussion Ensemble

This brings a great vibe of energy most suited for the opening of your Corporate Event. If you want your attendees to be energized with a rar-rar feel at the start, this percussion ensemble Singapore is the one for you!

Roving Drummer Boys Percussion Ensemble

Do you have a Road Show at a shopping mall, or a product new launch that you would like to attract the attention of passerby? If your answer is yes, this percussion ensemble is the one that will attract your crowds to your booth!

Traditional Malay Percussion Ensemble

From traditional Malay percussion instruments like the Kompang, Handrah and Gendang, this percussion ensemble is the most suited for your Malay events to bring out the vibe in your attendees! Most suited for events such as Hari Raya and more!

Samaba Gala Percussion Ensemble

Would you like to have a huge vibe of energy with a group of Percussion Ensemble musicians roving around your event venue? Most suited for Product New Launches or Road Shows, these percussion ensemble musicians will bring a roving taste of Samba vibe to your crowd!

Why Choose Our Percussion Ensemble

Reviews have shown that the key to planning a successful event is to have the best engagements possible with the attendees or the crowd.

One of the best ways to do so is to create ENERGY to HYPE the crowd at the START of your event!

Having a Percussion Ensemble will do just that! With the loud sounds of synchronised rhythmic percussion, you can be sure that this effect will be there!

This is best suited for:

  • Corporate Events - To create Energetic Hype

  • Road Shows - To attract crowd by a Roving Percussion Ensemble

  • Product New Launch - To lure crowd to the booth


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