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A Concert-Style Performance

Choose between a

16 10


Pop Orchestra

A touch of class for your guests

A concert at your event

The backing orchestra for Bastille &

OneRepublic at The Earthshot Prize 2023


A Lush String Section

Bringing the richness of sound.

Our Orchestra comprises a Full Professional String Section. This section is perfect for creating lush, full string arrangements for pop, rock, and other genres of music.

A Touch of Class

To impress your guests.

An orchestra performance can also add a touch of class and sophistication to your Wedding or Corporate Event, making it a truly memorable occasion.

A Concert-Style Performance

A luxurious treat to your guests.

A concert-like performance at your wedding or corporate event. The music will be tailored to your taste, and the performance will be tailored to the size of your event.


The orchestra will be able to provide a wide range of music, from pop to jazz, and will be able to create a unique and special atmosphere for your event. 

16 Piece
Pop Orchestra

16pc Vides

10 Piece
Pop Orchestra