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Top 24 Wedding Photographers & Photography in Singapore (2023 Updated!)


  1. Just Married Films

  2. Annabel Law Productions

  3. Knotties Frame

  4. Tlgraphy Studios

  5. Senica Photos

  6. Andri Tei

  7. The Aurora Wedding

  8. Bobby Kiran

  9. Chris Chang Photography

  10. John 15 Photography

  11. Kai Picture

  12. Lighted Pixels Photography

  13. A Merry Moment

  14. One Three One Four

  15. Leslie Photography

  16. Ryan Kepler Photography

  17. The Beautiful Moment Photography

  18. Wayne Studio Photography

  19. Ray Photography

  20. Mike Chen Photography

  21. Dapper Pictures

  22. Alphasnow Photography

  23. Bottled Groove Photography

  24. Live Moments Photography

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They say photographs are windows into the past.

They allow us to relive our fondest memories and biggest turning points. But who do you trust to capture these moments?

An even bigger question; through whose eye would you like to see your wedding?

Who are the top photographers in Singapore?

To help you answer that question, we’ve assembled a top 20 list of wedding photographers! Each with a distinct feel and art direction on Wedding Photography Singapore. So take a read and take your time to decide.

After all, whoever you pick will be immortalising your big day!


Top 20 Wedding Photography Singapore

1) Just Married Films

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Just Married Films obsesses over the details that matter; The look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride in a wedding dress for the very first time, or the way the mothers wipe their own tears in silence at the church when you finally exchange your vows.

They pride themselves in capturing the moments that matter to immortalize the story of your special day, so you can look back at all the good memories.

They’re also a full suite partner that offers Wedding Videography, Photography, and Livestreaming, so working with them simplifies your planning process and takes the stress away so you can focus on only the fun stuff on your wedding day!

Get in contact with them for more information on their rates, packages, and their team:


Contact Form:



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2) Annabel Law Productions

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With more than 15 years of experience, Annabel Law Productions is featured on The Straits Times, Channel 8, Mothership, TODAY, Zaobao and many more. They have a team of wedding photographers, videographers and makeup artists to help you on your special day.

Get in contact with them for more information on their rates, packages, and their team:


Contact: +65 8870 9655

Address : 133 Devonshire Road

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3) Knotties Frame

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Inspired by tying the knot itself, Knotties Frame is one of Singapore’s reputable photographers. To them, a knot binds string together with a force beyond what it appears. Similarly, photography creates that same bond through physical imprints of memories.

The two of them, Wan Jing and Zack, are photographer and light painter duo. Their simple hope is to preserve your love story for you to look back on. They operate on several mediums. Notably, Pre-Wedding, Actual Day and their Signature Night Photography!

Knotties Frame does light painting night photography. As a speciality for them, they use special camera and lighting techniques to create a different and interesting wedding shoot.

Get in contact with them for more information on their rates, packages, and their team:


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4) Tlgraphy Studios

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Fuelled by his fervent passion in photography, Titus is known for trying his very best to capture the best photos for his clients. The company photography services suits best for couples looking for quirky, candid and bright photos.

The real game changer is how they have priced themselves affordably by removing misc items like thumb-drive, keep-sake boxes and 4R print photos, delivering only the digital photos.

With over 5 years of experience in photography, tlgraphy is definitely a go-to option for value for money wedding photographers in Singapore.

Get in contact with them for more information on their rates, packages, and their team:


Contact Form:


Mobile: 9299 1902


5) Senica Photos

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Entrepreneur couple Sebastian and Monica stepped into the world of photography and videography to make memories of their own and for others.

Sebastian is described as having a cheerful personality and quick wit. He is Senica’s lead photo-videographer and Co-founder. Monica is the woman with all the creative ideas for shoots. Fresh ideas abound when you’re dealing with Senicas’ conceptualist and other Co-founder.

But that’s not all, they have photographers and journeymen with them. They’re there to support Senica’s vision and yours for the best results.

Get in contact with them for more information on their rates, packages, and their team:


Contact Form:

Mobile: 8875 8701


Facebook | Instagram

6) Andri Tei

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Once a young man making some pocket money, Andri Tei has come far in wedding photography. With experience from street photography, his nine year journey has much to show for.

His flair and passion for capturing the perfect wedding day moments is something to behold.

In his words, he’s been “blessed to witness some of the most genuine and heartfelt (wedding) moments”. As such, he considers it a privilege to be a part of immortalising your memories. If there was ever a motivation to keep going, we’d say that’s it.

Andri also offers to compile your wedding photos for you in a leather hardback photo album. Within it, contains all your wedding memories through Andri’s eye.

Get in contact with him for more information on his rates and packages:


Contact Form:


Mobile: 8138 2712


Facebook | Instagram

7) The Aurora Wedding

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Founded by one of Asia’s top 30 wedding photographers, The Aurora Wedding offers a wide selection and one-stop-shop approach for modern couples looking for more affordable and hassle-free ways to plan their wedding.

With a stunning portfolio and experience spanning over 12 years, The Aurora Wedding has earned itself a