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Top 10 Bridal Bouquets in Singapore

On their own, brides don’t need that much help looking beautiful. Odds are, she’s beautiful enough on her own! But, on her wedding day, she’s needs to be a little more than just beautiful.

She needs to be the MOST beautiful person in the room.

To do this, she’s got to accessorize. The dress, the veil and the makeup do wonders to get her there. But, the bridal bouquet will take her above and beyond.

So, with this much at stake, let’s find out more about the bridal bouquet and who you can get one from!


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What is the bridal bouquet?

The bouquet is a collection of flowers held by brides as they walk down the aisle. It's meant to be a complementary addition to the overall theme of the wedding and the style of her dress.

But there is some historical context to this as well! What we do know is that the Ancient Greeks and Romans carried fragrant herbs and spices to ward off bad luck. This practice has deferred to the use of flowers that mean new beginnings, happiness, and fidelity.

What should I know before buying one?

Before we suggest places to get your bridal bouquet from, we should fill you in on some FAQs. No matter what you’re planning for, it’s best to know these things before starting. Without further ado, let’s run through them.

What flowers should I use for the bridal bouquet?

There is no right answer because it boils down to personal preference. If you like it, it should be in there. Choosing the right flower and right florist often comes down how well it matches your décor and dress.

What flowers should not be in a bridal bouquet?

This is a good question for the sake of both traditions and cleanliness! Poppies are a good example. They may be beautiful, but their pollen can easily stain your dress. Also, it’s a flower used to remember the First World War. So before picking flowers, do your research!

How much is the right amount to pay for a bridal bouquet?

This depends on several factors. To name a few, what kind of flowers are used, the seasonality of the flowers, and the complexity of the arrangement. The vendor will likely sort this out for you but look at their work before settling on a price.

Who should help you with your bridal bouquet?

This is another FAQ. But, we feel this deserves a little more detail. Or, as we like to do it, in the form of a top 10 list!

So, away with brevity as we run through our top 10 picks for bridal bouquet vendors. We qualified these fulsome florists by their portfolio of work and their aesthetic abilities. As they are in no particular order, we’re certain you’ll like what we’ve put together.

1. Elly Sera Florist

Elly Sera Florist specializes in all things romantic and dreamy. Their floral creations for wedding celebrations are top notch and feature various themes. They provide a wide range of modern styles that feature soft pastels, bohemian florals and classic arrangements.

But, they don’t want you to drop a heavy dime on your flowers. As such, they’ll make your bridal bouquet whilst keeping prices affordable. It is their firm belief that all brides can have lush blooms at their wedding without a heavy price to your shopping cart.

Besides bridal bouquet and boutonnieres, they also offer venue decor services. This ranges from table centerpieces to floral arches. If you need a quick floral fix, Elly Sera Florist is bound to have what you need.

Get in touch with them for more information on their services and check out photography of their bouquets.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 8892 6625

2. Amyt Fleur

As Amyt Fleur would often point out, “flowers are all around you for every important occasion”. No matter the celebration, lovely floral arrangements are always a plus. As such, Amyt Fleur finds themselves frequently rising to the occasion to decorate someone else’s.

Based in Singapore, they have beautiful flower arrangements that suit any occasion. Having been introduced to florals since the age of 7, Amyt Fleurs’ founder started early. Then, in 2012, emerged a florist full time.

As with any help you get, experience is always a plus. Especially when they’ve started at the tender age of 7, you’re looking at a wealth of experience!

Get in touch with them for more information on their services and check out photography of their bouquets.

Contact Details:

Address: 22 Lor 21A Geylang, Prosper Industrial Building #06-02 Singapore 388431

Mobile: 8780 7410

3. Far East Flora

As one of the biggest wedding florists in Singapore, Far East Flora brings to bear years of expertise in florals. Their wedding designs take on a classic, yet, timeless style. Everything from the bouquet to the bigger arrangements, Far Eat Flora can do it all.

Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, these guys are the safe bet. You can trust that they’ll deliver to the letter. So much so they are trusted not just here in Singapore but overseas too.

Their first overseas e-commerce venture was to Hong Kong in 2006. This was followed shortly with a one-stop premium e-commerce venture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2011. So check them out online if you’re looking for things to “add to cart”!

Get in touch with them for more information on their services and check out photography of their bouquets.

Contact Details:

Address: 565 Thomson Road Singapore 298184

Mobile: 6251 2323

4. The Floral Atelier

We cant go on describing The Floral Atelier without first describing its founder Lelian Chew. Her ethos is that of beauty and luxury without exception. If you trust her to get your wedding bouquet and floral arrangements done, you get just that!

Her team of floral professionals create works that you’ll fall in love with. It’ll connect you to your special day. In turn, it’ll connect the day with the people you care about.

Their design aesthetic is a mix of elegant and romantic. They want to leverage the beauty of nature to bring out timeless simplicity and sophistication. Whether with roses or white lilies, they’ll have you looking your very best.

They take a limited number of events and weddings each year. Book soon to ensure you get all that they promise.

Contact Details:

Address: 2 Alexandra Road, Delta House, Level 8, Singapore 159919.

Mobile: 8869 2830

5. Liz Florals

Liz Florals has a very simple motivation. Their flower arrangements are meant to celebrate love with her focus on rustic, whimsical and romantic designs. Motivated by her desire to bring joy and inspiration to clients, she hopes for one thing.

That her works tell stories and creates the ambience her clients wish to achieve.

She was trained at Nobleman School of Floral Design. Since then, she has worked with various brands including Annabel Law Productions, Nestlé Singapore and Clarins Singapore. To top it off, she has also styled various weddings and photoshoots.

Get in touch with her for more information on their services and check out photography of their bouquets.

Contact Details:

6. The Bloom Room

They say that motivation can be both simple and very powerful. Motivated by giving you the best arrangements possible, The Bloom Room began with a question:

“What if everyday blooms could be made a little extra special? With a dash of quirk here, a touch of whimsical there – and a whole lot of fun?”

Since 2011, The Bloom Room grew from family-run florist into the specialists they are today. They herald a signature style of quirky blooms in chirpy colors. These evoke happy thoughts and sweet moments of love in the eyes of their clients.

They since been known for dried and preserved creations as well. Their stylistic prowess has seen them extend into faux flower arrangements. Through it all, they maintain their tasteful and popular creativity.

Get in touch with them for more information on their services and check out photography of their bouquets.

Contact Details:

Address: 1 Tampines North Drive 1 #01-19 T-Space Singapore 528559

Mobile: 6447 0217

7. Charlotte Puxley

When we do these listicals, there are some vendors who don’t say much. These vendors often have our eye as they let their work do the talking. In this case, Charlotte Puxley doesn’t write much on her website nor does she post much at all.

She let’s her work do all the talking for her.

Throughout the year, she only does a select number of events and weddings. She tailor-makes her arrangements to work for your wedding. With your inspiration of florals with their creativity, you'll get a serious bouquet and floral arrangement.

Get in touch with them for more information on their services and check out photography of their bouquets.

Contact Details:

Address: 315 Outram Rd, #08-07 Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074

Mobile: 8182 1164

8. Florals by Benita

When we’re doing research, we love a bio that is written by the founder for her audience. Such is the case by Florals by Benita! Introducing herself in the first person, she expresses an interest in wedding floral arrangements.

She’s self-taught and is drawn by beauty that is lush, romantic and occasionally unrestrained. She interprets client needs through the lenses of her creativity and wants something different for them. It’s safe to say no one see’s the same 2 things from Florals by Benita.

Her experience as a journalist means she’ll be able to find out what you want. Perhaps before even before you! She seeks clients who appreciate her style and is expressly eager to work with you!

Get in touch with them for more information on their services and check out photography of their bouquets.

Contact Details:

9. Sing See Soon

Since 1879, Sing See Soon has been one of Singapore’s most in-demand florists. Being a fifth-generation family-owned business, their breadth of experience is sure to please. They also tout themselves as the first call for socialites, royal families and top-tier wedding planners.

They attribute their success to their love they put into their work. They understand that that is what makes or breaks their work. In every moment and in everything they do, love seals those memories and crystallizes moments.

Just as they could get the job done with a bouquet of red roses, they could get it done if they were in white. There is no mountain too high for Sing See Soon. They’ve got a passion and a love for what they do and will make quick work of the task ahead.

Get in touch with them for more information on their services and check out photography of their bouquets.

Contact Details:

Address: 32 Punggol East #01-01 (S)828824

Mobile: 6285 2777

10. Skinny Blooms

SkinnyBlooms believes flowers help make love visible for your loved ones. Each floral piece they put together exudes love and beautifies the weddings of their clients. Their creations feature everything from freshly sourced flowers to timelessly preserved florals.

They offer a range of products and services to meet your needs. Wedding bouquets, centrepieces, or event floristry? They’ll work with you to bring your ideal wedding to life.

At SkinnyBlooms, their arrangements are uniquely customised with each client’s dream day in mind. They also provide workshops and curated giftsets as a memento of the day. As owners who understand the power of love, Elisha and Lenice are sure to satisfy!

Contact Details:

So, what the most important thing about the bridal bouquet?

In short, all brides should love it. She needs to feel like she’s the centerpiece of the wedding and the bouquet should help her feel that way. In fact, if she feels the bouquet distracts from her, she shouldn’t need to have it.

At the end of the day, the bouquet is purpose built to beautify the bride. To have her radiate more so than she normally does. The most important thing about it is to take her bridal appearance from a 10/10 to an 11/10.

Yes, the groom is pretty too and if you want to subvert tradition that badly, he can hold it!

As always, we hope you found this list informative and happy planning!

Lastly, engage your ideal Wedding Live Band for your wedding to make it memorable for you and your guests!

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