Wedding Bands - Top 10 that make marriages beautiful

Top 10 Wedding Bands

  1. Tiffany and Co

  2. Love and Co

  3. Cartier

  4. Poh Heng

  5. Venus Tears

  6. Harry Winston

  7. SK Jewellery

  8. Goldheart

  9. Piaget

  10. Bulgari


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Let's talk about Wedding Bands

Let’s start with the basics. When judging the diamond, you need to consider the "Four Cs." These are the Carat weight, Cut, Color, and Clarity. Generally, it is advised that neither the gem nor the band outshine one another. Rather, they should look good with one another! Like yourself and the missus.

As you’ll soon read, not all rings are made the same. A different shop, or boutique, will style their rings differently. No two rings are similar as different brands have different design philosophies. Even within the same brand, they can come from a different collection than another.

All of the above have a big impact on price. The boutiques with more renown can be more expensive because of their pedigree or because they look nicer. So take a gander at some of the rings we found from the top ateliers in Singapore.

Top 10 Wedding Bands in Singapore

1) Tiffany and Co Wedding Rings

Photo Credit: Tiffany and Co

Who are they?

If you’re wondering how to take it to the next level after the engagement ring, Tiffany and Co will not disappoint. They opened as a fancy goods and stationery store in 1837. Their founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, was crowned America’s King of Diamonds and set the standard for American luxury.

Tiffany and Co was the first jeweller to establish the diamond ring as a symbol of love. Also, since introducing the Tiffany® Setting, Tiffany & Co. became more than a jewellery house. Without a doubt, it has become the choice jeweller for timeless designs and unparalleled craftsmanship.

What do we like?

Now, if you’re looking for a diamond ring to make a statement, look no further than the T1 Narrow Diamond Ring. This is a reinvention of the Tiffany T1 design. The Pavé diamonds illuminate one side of this ring, exuding individual strength and power.

It is made with 18k gold with round brilliant diamonds but gives you the option to mix your metals. The ring is 2.5 mm wide has a total carat weight of .08g. Due to this ring's design, Tiffany and Co suggests ordering a half size down from your normal size.

There is no doubt that this is a crowd-pleaser and one that your betrothed will love.

Contact: Website:



2) Love and Co Wedding Rings

Photo Credit: Love & Co

Who are they? If you’re looking for a mix of ready-made and bespoke options, Love and Co. has you covered. Since 2007, Love & Co. has created designs that appeal to everyone. Their desire is to tell your story through intricately crafted wedding bands with you at the heart of it all.

What we like

If you’re looking to fall in love with their ready-made options, the Harmony Wedding Band in Rose Gold with Diamonds is the way to go. Shining with 9 pave-set diamonds and precious gems, it comes from the LVC Eterno collection. Its elegance is mirrored only by its wearer!

However, if you’re more partial to bespoke options, you also have the option to Create Your Wedding Band. After getting started, you will review sketches by their artists, look at 3D renderings, and then, collect the rings once completed.

To get started, it is advised to start on the website and seek consultation at one of their shops. This option promises to help you make a unique wedding statement while maintaining its affordability.

But fellas, let’s be honest. If she’s the one you love, spare no expense!





3) Cartier Wedding Rings

Photo Credit: Cartier

Who are they?

From their love bangles to their make up accessories, Cartier needs no introduction. Creativity, freedom, sharing and excellence are core to the brand. So, you can trust that a Cartier wedding band will be a piece of exceptional timelessness.

Founded in 19th century Paris by Louis-François Cartier, Cartier were the rebels of haute couture. They persist in that spirit but maintain elements of “Savoir Faire”. This implies that, regardless of the occasion, a Cartier piece will fit in seamlessly.

What we like

Speaking of which, the Love Wedding Band, 8 Diamonds is a statement piece like no other. This piece from the Love collection is studded with 8 brilliant-cut diamonds amd available in yellow gold or rose gold. The ring has a width of 4mm and the diamonds total 0.19 carats.

Inspired by 1970s New York, the Love collection is an elegant blast from the past. This collection tells the story of a jeweler that embraces “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. With that, you are sure to get wedding bands that will not disappoint.





4) Poh Heng Wedding Bands

Photo Credit: Poh Heng

Who are they?

Time to shine the spotlight on a brand that started in Singapore.

Poh Heng claims “gold is who we are” and has been the Singapore leader in gold jewellery for 70 years. They pride themselves in artistry and involving the human touch at every stage. Every piece comes certified by the Singapore Assay Office; so you know you’ve got the real deal.

But you might be thinking: “Gold is great, but what about their Diamonds?”

Well, less than 5% of the world’s diamonds are eligible to be a Poh Heng Trust Diamond. Their sourcing and curating process involves rigorous hand-selection. For you to see a diamond on your ring, it must exceed 10 fold the 4C qualities we mentioned earlier.

What we like?

As such, we recommend the the Poh Heng Diamond Wedding Band. Of all the pieces they had to offer, nothing says artistry like this ring does. This pavé diamond ring is made of 18K white gold and is set with 38 diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.58 carats.

Without a doubt, this was designed to surpass the engagement ring.

Contact: Website:



5) Venus Tears Wedding Bands

Photo Credit: Venus Tears

Who are they?

Venus Tears is a Japanese brand that brags high-quality craftsmanship and reasonable prices for their Jewelry. This is to be expected of their Japanese roots. They’re a recent entrant into the Singapore jewelry market and they have been gaining traction for their variety and design acumen.

They claim to carry only “GIA” certified diamonds and certified diamonds from the Central Gem Laboratory Co. Ltd which is the best and most recognized institution in Japan. Additionally, as a gesture of trust, all their GIA certified diamonds come with Grading Report.

Talk about putting a diamond through its paces!

What we like?

While on the topic of transparency, nothing says brilliance like the diamonds on the Azalea / AAM-10 Wedding Set. Both rings are two-toned and can be made in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold.

Unfortunately, not many details are available so feel free to drop by a Venus Tears boutique.





6) Harry Winston Wedding Bands

Photo Credit: Harry Winston

Who are they?

Much like some of the brands mentioned before, Harry Winston is another with pedigree. Founded in New York City in 1932, Harry Winston was gemologist that wanted to set a standard for fine jewelry and high-end watchmaking. Funnily enough, he also had the moniker of "King of Diamonds".

Conventionally, the metal settings determine gem placement. But, Harry Winston’s philosophy is to let the gemstones determine the design. This set them apart and became the cornerstone of their timeless aesthetic.

Design quality aside, every Harry Winston diamond must pass its strict quality and control measures. By the time it reaches the consumers hands, each stone has been cut and polished to distinction. They eloquently describe this quality as their “discriminating connoisseurship of gemstones”.

What we like?

If blood diamonds are a worry for you, fret not.

The Harry Winston brand is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council ("RJC"). This is the Kimberley Process governing the purchase of precious gemstones. All their suppliers must maintain ethical business practices; ensuring basic human rights.

Now, let’s do some math: a unique design philosophy + strict quality measures + ethical sourcing. Add it all up and what does that equal? Well, one possible answer is the Princess-Cut Single Diamond Wedding Band in Yellow Gold.

The princess-cut diamond wedding ring has one single diamond weighing approximately 0.10 carats. It is set in a bezel made with 18K yellow gold. Conveniently enough, this wedding band complements the Harry Winston Engagement Ring.

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7) SK Jewellery Wedding Bands

Photo Credit: SK Jewellery

Who are they?

Another brand that flies the Singapore flag is SK Jewellery. Established in 2003, they were created with the modern women in mind. Their emphasis on innovation and design excellence made them Singapore’s contemporary jewellery.

As the industry leader in 999 Pure Gold jewellery, or 24K gold, SK Jewellery has the most stunning collectibles available in the market today. Their bridal collection and creative gift collections are what gave them name-brand recognition.

Another point worth noting is that they do direct sourcing. Simply put, there are no middleman costs being passed from SK Jewellery to you. This enables them to offer their products at the best quality and value.

So, which wedding band should you get?

What we like?

It is none other than the Eternity Love Rose Gold Wedding Band. What we can tell you is that it’s made with 14K rose gold and is absolutely stunning in photos. Everything else, you’ll have to discover for yourself. So head down to the nearest SK Jewellery shop to find out more!


Website: Facebook: Instagram:

8) Goldheart Wedding Bands

Photo Credit: Goldheart

Who are they?

The Goldheart world of jewellery is self-described as “luxury with meaning”. They also claim to be the first and leading bridal jeweller in Singapore! They were also the first to introduce white gold and platinum wedding bands into the mainstream.

Their diamonds distinguish themselves from the rest with what they call the “The Celestial Difference”. They are the exclusive distributors of the Celestial® diamond, the world's first 73-facet starburst diamond. So exclusive that this design patented for allowing more light to pass through!

All of Goldhearts’ Celestial® diamonds are graded with very strict standards. Every Celestial® diamond from 0.50 carats must be certified by the Gemological Institute of America.

What we like?

So, after all this talk about the quality of their diamonds, we have to recommend the signature. Introducing, the Celestial Wedding Band. This wedding band is a two toned, 4.5mm rose gold wedding band set with 3 Celestial Diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.06 carats.

As a surprise bonus, they’ve even got a sapphire gem set on the inside of the band. To Goldheart, it signifies purity and fidelity. In their words, “simply the true blue love a couple has for each other”.

Contact: Website:



9) Piaget Wedding Bands

Photo Credit: Piaget

Who are they?

Moving away from the Singapore brands, we move to Switzerland where “Salon Piaget” was launched. Founded in 1959, Georges Piaget was first known for his luxury jewelry creations and refined timepieces. Since then, his designers embraced the founders motto of “Always do better than necessary".

We’ve mentioned the diamond sourcing practices of these big houses a few times. In that same vein, Piaget ensures their diamonds are of the highest aesthetic standards and are ethical sourced. They, like Harry Winston, are a member of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).

Since 2011, they have also been certified by the Responsible Jeweller Council. This means each of their diamonds comply with the strictest of requirements.

Now, with your mind at ease, let’s take a look at Maison Piaget’s mastery at work

What we like?

For your consideration, the Possession Wedding Ring. This piece is a meld of two 18K rose gold bands, making one 4.8mm wedding ring. It is set with seven brilliant-cut diamonds for good luck, containing a total carat weight of 0.13 carats.

Add to the fact that Piaget’s diamonds are ethically sourced, another reason to get this ring could be the tagline.

“For her, for him, for ever”. It’s just so catchy!


Website: Facebook: Instagram:

10) Bulgari

Photo Credit: Bulgari

Who Are They?

Bulgari is another brand that is sure to please. Founded in 1884 by Italian silversmith Sotirio Bulgari. Over the decades, Bulgari was convinced he has to move from just silversmithing to other precious metals.

In the 1920s he incorporated platinum and diamonds. From the 1940s onwards, the Bulgari style we know started to emerge. His designs included shades of yellow gold and the signature Serpenti creations.

Thereafter, Bulgari was in full swing. They capitalized on the Dolce Vita years of the 50’s and 60’s, becoming known for their eclectic style. Their jewellery has been seen in over 40 films and have been used to dress some of Hollywoods most well-known dames.

What We Like

Seeing as one’s wedding vows to mention “till death do us part”, the Eternity Bands Wedding Ring seems appropriate. Described by Bulgari as “contemporary yet timeless”, this ring is an 18 carat rose gold band and is set with demi tour round brilliant cut diamonds.

As a word of caution, Bulgari does not offer adjustments on the rings. You are strongly encouraged to visit a shop near you and try it on in-person.

If it’s going to be for eternity, it better fit!





The Wedding Band is Just One of Your Gifts

Yes, that’s right. Even though you’ll have to fork up a pretty penny for your lady love, the ring is just a gesture. What it means is more important than the amount you’re paying. The wedding ring is a public declaration of your love and commitment.

Don’t forget that!

The ring aside, your real gifts to her are your time, patience, and trust. Every time both of you put on those rings, be reminded of that. Soon enough, the rings will take on a different meaning. It wouldn’t matter whose name is on it; Cartier, Piaget or Harry Winston.

Soon enough, the rings will just be yours.

Author's Credit: This article is written by Liam Kwan.


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