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*** Musical Touch's Exclusive ***

A Singer with CHARISMA

to charm your GUESTS...

With almost  50k followers on Instagram as a Social Media Influencer,


Your guests will be charmed by her unique poise, entertaining them with her Charismatic Vocals.


A social media influencer, Abbey is also a host on a local YouTube channel with The JianHao Tan company. If you've been a follower of the local YouTube community, you can be sure to have heard of her!

A personality your guests will connect with...

With achievements to assure you're in good hands...

Musical achievements under her belt are Strepsils The Right Note Winner, as well as international best singer in a talent competition held in Taiwan 2015.

Your guests might have met her!

She has been performing at a variety of events ranging from government functions to lifestyle-led shows while maintaining her residency at popular venues such as Fiv4 Square, Hood Bar, Stage, Warehouse and Timbre, Shanghai Dolly, amongst others.

Reviews of Abbey...

Check Reviews of Abbey, seeing how she'll connect with your guests!

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