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Sherman Zhuo

*** Musical Touch's Exclusive ***

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A Singer with Charisma to Connect

with your GUESTS...

Having shared the stage with major artistes like F.I.R,


Your guests will be mesmerized with his strong prowess of BOTH English and Mandarin tunes!

Who is Sherman?

More than a Singer for your guests...

Sherman Zhuo is a Singer/Songwriter who has a steady stream of listeners to his songs! With over 40k listeners/month on Spotify, and 10k Followers on YouTube, you can be sure he will bring a soulful voice to your guests!

Your Guests might know him...

Sherman has a wealth of experience singing at established bars like Jin Ju, Ichi, and being an artiste at Simply Live by Tinbox!

Besides that, he has also performed for concerts like IMC
Live’s AL!VE concert series, and December Rains 雨季 concert 2022.

These will bring a familiar face to your event!

A memorable voice for your Guests...

With his unique vocals and lively stage presence, he never fails to capture the hearts of the audience, and will definitely leave an impact to your event!


More Videos of Sherman...

Compilation of songs at Events

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