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10 Meaningful Wedding Gatecrash Games that are Fun to Play! (Updated 2024!)

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Everyone loves a good wedding story. More than anything, everyone loves a good story about wedding gatecrash games.

These games are an absolute staple of Chinese weddings in Singapore and are WAY too much fun to pass up! But as silly as it is, they must mean something for the couple, or symbolize something about marriage, right?

So, here it is; a top 10’s of the most popular wedding gatecrash games, how to play, and what they mean!


1) Suan Tian Ku La 酸甜苦辣

Photo Credit: Dapper Pictures

Let’s begin with an absolute classic; Suan Tian Ku La. It’s the game that every man dreads and every woman relishes in. This hilarious roulette of miscellaneous miasma is an often harmless, but sometimes horrible, way to get the ball rolling on your wedding gatecrash games. Please, for the sake of the wedding, don’t give our dear participants a stomachache!

How to play:

i. Get your ingredients together and make sure all items cause JUST enough suffering but also enough fun!

ii. Find an area with enough space to play and layout a groundsheet for ease of cleaning up

iii. Watch the poor groomsmen try not to gag!

Why is this meaningful?

The "Suan, Tian, Ku, La" wedding gatecrash game is a lovely symbol of the highs and lows a couple will go through together and being able to stomach it all; through the sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy times.

2) Waxing it Off

Who says you can’t bake a beauty regiment into a wedding gatecrash game? As those who have played this wedding gatecrash game will tell you, “absolutely nobody!” Waxing it Off is a test of a man’s grace under pressure or a revelation of exactly how loud he can scream. Either way, its good fun to watch!

How to play:

i. Head out to your nearest pharmacy and buy some waxing strips

ii. Identify the hairiest areas of our poor gentlemen

iii. LET’ER RIP!

Why is this meaningful?

This wedding gatecrash game represents times when things between a couple get a little hairy and the grooms’ ability to bite the bullet, keep their cool, and pull through the pain. Literally!

3) Memory Game

Photo Credit: Filippo Gacci

If you’re looking to turn a trip down memory lane into a wedding gatecrash game, this is one to remember. The Memory Game pits the groom’s memory and recall against the brides as she cherry-picks milestones in their relationship. Watch your step with this one gents, the tendency for this one to get dicey is high!

How to play:

i. Find photos of significant milestones in your relationship

ii. Remember their chronological order and scatter them on a table

iii. Arrange small penalties for every time he gets something wrong

iv. Don’t make it TOO hard for him

Why is this meaningful?

As stressful as this wedding gatecrash game can get for the groom, it’s a reminder for a couple to reflect on the milestones they have reached together and the milestones they’ve yet to reach.

4) Copy That Dance

Photo Credit: Melvin Soh Photography

Performance-based Wedding gatecrash games are fun, but let’s be honest, we’re not going to Carnegie Hall here. Despite the limited time your groom and groomsmen have to practice, Copy That Dance is all about showmanship! Perfection is not the goal here. But an aching belly full of laughs? Now that’s the key!

How to play:

i. Have the video ready to go on a screen of your choice and have speakers on hand

ii. Give our performers time to practice their routine; but not TOO much time

iii. Enjoy the chaos that ensues; if you’re not laughing, they aren’t dancing hard enough!

Why is this meaningful?

This wedding gatecrash game reminds everyone that you can afford to goof around and have fun! A marriage is hard work for sure. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So put on a show and have fun, Jack!

5) Sing her a Love Song

While we’re on the performing arts, we feel it's only fair to give the groomsmen a chance to flex their vocal talents. Sing Her a Love Song is a wedding gatecrash game that can go from tearjerker to a riot with laughter in a heartbeat. So just sit back and get ready for that emotional rollercoaster!

How to play:

i. Use or avoid Whitney Houston and Bruno Mars, he cannot hit those notes.

ii. Get any number of instruments ready for the musically gifted.

iii. Earbuds for the bridesmaids, just in case. This one for the bride to endure.

Why is this meaningful?

There is nothing like romance to sweep a woman off her feet. This wedding gatecrash game is a reminder to give her those butterflies every now and then; even if you’re a little tone-deaf!

6) Truth or Dare

Everyone can reflect on primary school and recount every embarrassing detail of their truths or silly dares they were made to do. This wedding gatecrash game is that blast from the past. The Bride and Bridesmaids get to relive the days of yore by writing down humiliating dares and revealing truths for the groom and his groomsmen!

How to play:

i. 2 boxes to put the truths and dares; don’t be afraid to get creative!

ii. A bottle to spin to decide who must pick from either box.

iii. Add a twist. Like this: If it points to a Groomsmen, him and the Groom suffer. BUT, if it points to the Groom, everyone gets involved

Why is this meaningful?

As fun a wedding gatecrash game as this is, it’s a reminder that commitment to the truth and fulfilling your word is crucial as a couple and more crucial in marriage.

7) Extreme Makeover

Ladies, it’s about time for a little audience participation. Alas, Extreme Makeover is a wedding gatecrash game that will pit each bridesmaid against her fellow women in a makeup contest. Here’s the twist; gentlemen, you’ll be the ones they put the makeup on. Awaken the inner runway model of the men and have them looking FABULOUS. Or play tic-tac-toe on their foreheads. The choice is yours.

How to play:

i. Buy some cheap foundation lipstick, eyeliner, and blush

ii. Assign a bridesmaid to a groomsman

iii. Set a time limit on the beautification

iv. When the time is up, the groom and bride vote on the “prettiest” groomsman.

Why is this meaningful?

Despite the makeup and, perhaps, unrecognizable faces, this wedding gatecrash game is a fun take on beauty being only skin deep. It’s important to remember that behind all that makeup is the person you fell in love with.

8) Swing It

There are a number of ways to get the groomsmen looking like fools when playing wedding gatecrash games; chief amongst them is Swing It. This game makes little sense, always has the ladies rolling with laughter, and only serves to infuriate the men and as they hip thrust the air with their makeshift wrecking balls. Trust us, the mental picture is as funny as the real thing!

How to play:

i. Arrange a line of items for the guys to knock over. The heavier they are, the better.

ii. Using string, attach an item to their waist. It could be a tv remote or a banana.

iii. Get the gentlemen to swing it and knock things down with their newly acquired asset.

Why is this meaningful?

We know this can be a frustrating wedding gatecrash game! But there’ll be times when you’re frustrated as a couple. Through this game, you’ll see his determination to overcome obstacles in spite of how it makes him look!

9) Ice Cold Foot Bath

Photo Credit: Avior Pictures

Going back to the classics, the Ice Cold Foot Bath is another staple of wedding gatecrash games. As inventive as it a hilarious sight, this game turns a game of Mahjong on its head by making the men play with their feet and turning the Mahjong table into a bucket of ice! For the sake of the players, they’d better hope they’re as nimble with their feet as they are with their hands.

How to play:

i. Find a Mahjong set and pick the tiles that make a winning hand.

ii. Fill a pail up with water and ice and toss the tiles in there.

iii. Get our gentlemen to dip their legs into the pail to grab the winning Mahjong tiles up with their feet

iv. Have a food ole laugh to yourselves

Why is this meaningful?

As ever, there will come difficult situations as a couple, and getting a winning hand in life may not come easy. But just like this wedding gatecrash game, the win is always moments away.

10) Bite It Off

Photo Credit: Vulcan Post

Remember that scene from Lady and the Tramp; that cute one where the 2 dogs slurp the same strand of pasta? No? How about a re-enactment by the men to jog your memory! This bromantic wedding gatecrash game is a sure-fire way to have the men look deep into each other’s eyes and wonder what on earth happened to social distancing.

How to play:

i. Head to a supermarket and buy Poky Sticks

ii. Get the gentlemen to pass the stick around with their mouths with each person taking a sizeable bite.

iii. The first 2 to get 1cm from each other's lips wins the game

Why is this meaningful?

We could say this is wedding gatecrash game is about trust, not just in each other, but in each other's circles and friends. But honestly, isn’t it just fun to see your friends almost kiss each other?

Lastly, engage your ideal Wedding Live Band for your wedding to make it memorable for you and your guests!


There you have it! 10 wedding gatecrash games that are guaranteed to spice up the matrimonial pre-game and give everyone something to remember! Whether it’s an embarrassing anecdote, a heartfelt performance, or a stomach ache, these wedding gatecrash games are meant to be good, clean fun for all involved.

Most importantly, they’re for the Bride and Groom to look back fondly on.

Also, check our blog post on How To Write The Best Wedding Vow.


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