10 Meaningful Wedding Gatecrash Games that are Fun to Play!

Photo Credit: Ivan Tan Photography


  1. Suan Tian Ku La 酸甜苦辣

  2. Waxing It Off

  3. Memory Game

  4. Copy That Dance

  5. Sing Her a Love Song

  6. Truth or Dare

  7. Extreme Makeover

  8. Swing It

  9. Ice Cold Foot Bath

  10. Bite It Off

Side Note:

You can also hire a Wedding Live Band to make your wedding banquet fun and lively. 😉

Everyone loves a good wedding story. More than anything, everyone loves a good story about wedding gatecrash games.

These games are an absolute staple of Chinese weddings in Singapore and are WAY too much fun to pass up! But as silly as it is, they must mean something for the couple, or symbolize something about marriage, right?

So, here it is; a top 10’s of the most popular wedding gatecrash games, how to play, and what they mean!

1) Suan Tian Ku La 酸甜苦辣

Photo Credit: Dapper Pictures

Let’s begin with an absolute classic; Suan Tian Ku La. It’s the game that every man dreads and every woman relishes in. This hilarious roulette of miscellaneous miasma is an often harmless, but sometimes horrible, way to get the ball rolling on your wedding gatecrash games. Please, for the sake of the wedding, don’t give our dear participants a stomachache!

How to play:

i. Get your ingredients together and make sure all items cause JUST enough suffering but also enough fun!

ii. Find an area with enough space to play and layout a groundsheet for ease of cleaning up

iii. Watch the poor groomsmen try not to gag!

Why is this meaningful?

The "Suan, Tian, Ku, La" wedding gatecrash game is a lovely symbol of the highs and lows a couple will go through together and being able to stomach it all; through the sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy times.

2) Waxing it Off

Photo Credit: One Three One Four Photography

Who says you can’t bake a beauty regiment into a wedding gatecrash game? As those who have played this wedding gatecrash game will tell you, “absolutely nobody!” Waxing it Off is a test of a man’s grace under pressure or a revelation of exactly how loud he can scream. Either way, its good fun to watch!

How to play: