Wedding Ang Bao Rates 2021 - How Much To Give

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  1. What about Wedding Ang Bao?

  2. Is there Wedding Ang Bao Etiquette

  3. What are Auspicious Wedding Ang Bao Amounts

  4. Should you Give a Wedding Ang Bao if you can't go?

  5. Other Wedding Cultures in Singapore

  6. Wedding Ang Bao rates based on Venues

  7. Conclusion

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What about Wedding Ang Bao?

“How much should I give in a wedding ang bao?”

If you received a dollar for every time someone asked that question, you wouldn’t have to worry about it! But, that isn’t the case and you’re still left scratching your head right where you’re sat.

If you were ever invited to a wedding, you’d know there isn’t a straightforward answer. If you’ve never been invited to a wedding, you might be wondering where to find an answer. Both of those situations would have you thinking really hard if you should even go!

For those in either situation, don’t worry. We’ve got some answers for you.

Is there Wedding Ang Bao Etiquette

There are no hard and fast rules about the value of your wedding ang bao. But like we said, it is polite to prepare an amount that covers the cost of your seat. But, if you are related or a “brother-by-bond”, you may want to be slightly more generous in your giving.

An extra 20% wouldn’t hurt on their special day, would it?

But money is just money. Your well-wishes count for something too! A wedding card is the emotional gesture that reminds the couple of who you are to them. Ideally, it should be personal, heartfelt and sincere. So please, do not buy them from Hallmark!

What are Auspicious Wedding Ang Bao Amounts

For the Chinese, the number “8” is regarded as an auspicious number; it sounds like the word for prosperity in Mandarin and other Chinese dialects. So, if you’re doing the math on an amount to give, make sure that there is at least one “8” in there.

If you’re wondering about inauspicious numbers, ‘4’ is a really bad number. It is considered inauspicious because it sounds like the word for death in Mandarin and other dialects. So, just as no one in their right mind would wish a couple death at their wedding, avoid it like the plague!

As a footnote, it’s okay if you don’t believe in superstition. Think of this as an insurance that you’re giving to the couple. In a sense, you’re giving them every chance at happiness and prosperity in their marriage.

Should You Give a Wedding Ang Bao if You Can’t Go?

A wedding can be a logistics nightmare and the couples need enough time to make changes. So, if you receive a wedding invitation but cannot attend, make sure you RSVP to the couple as soon as possible. This gives them time to adjust their venue booking and count you out for the seating arrangements.

Back on topic, most couples won’t expect a gift from non-attendees. But, in the spirit of celebration, you can send a gift to express your good wishes to the newlyweds.

Other Wedding Cultures in Singapore

We would be remiss not to mention the practices and cultures that differ from ours! So, to enlighten you, here is a quick cultural education of typical wedding customs in Singapore.

a) Chinese Wedding Traditions

The most well-known for giving the wedding angbao. A Chinese wedding doesn’t typically have a gift registry so physical gifts aren’t common. Since Chinese folks are highly superstitious, avoid giving odd-numbered amounts and amounts with a ‘4’ in it but do give amounts with an ‘8’ in it.

b) Indian Wedding Traditions