Wedding Vows - How to write one to move your guests to tears

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  1. Wedding Vows for Her, and Him

  2. Structure your wedding vow like you're telling a story

  3. Things to note when planning your wedding vow

  4. Sample Wedding Vows to InspireYou

  5. Make It Your Own

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1) Wedding Vows for Her, and Him

It's been humbling to witness solemnizations since 2012 as a wedding live band. Having so, we would love to share some of our thoughts on what makes the best wedding vows for her and him!

Wedding vows are the most personal, touching, and intimate elements in a Solemnization. The best of them tells a beautiful love story, makes you laugh, and sheds a tear. They are the perfect way to start a life of love, commitment, and bliss. Well-written ones can turn a simple event into an emotional and lasting memory.

Investing time in learning how to write one is as important as taking out time to pick your wedding attire and choosing your venue. It sets the tone for your wedding.

If you're stuck and want to know how to write great wedding vows for her and him, we have just the thing for you!

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2) Structure your Wedding Vow like you're telling a story

a) Introduction

Not everyone knows how you met, so an excellent way to start is to do a short recollection of how your relationship started!

A fun way to add on will also be your first impressions of each other, and what were the things that got you attracted to one another. Was it love at first sight?

b) Body

The most important part of this is to tell everyone how important your partner is to you. You'll need to put your most sincere words to your partner. Let everyone know how he/she is cherished, and means the world to you.

Some pointers to include:

  • How your partner completes your life

  • How does he/she make you a better person?

  • The significant challenges you faced and overcame together as a couple

  • What are the things he/she has done that you are grateful

  • What are your dreams you hope to achieve together?

  • Why did you choose him/her to be your life partner?

c) Ending

Wedding vows are promises that both of you make towards each other. Aside from the traditional wedding vows about "till death do you part", you can add on other promises. They include dreams and aspirations that you want to achieve together as a couple.

Do remember that your vow is sacred. You need to say it from your heart and mean what you say!

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