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How to Write the Best Wedding Emcee Script (Updated 2024!)

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This article is written by Amanda Lee, who is one of the top Wedding Emcees at Musical Touch. Besides being an emcee, she is also a singer for Musical Touch's Wedding Live Band.

A wedding Amanda hosted at CHIJMES.


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How I Started as a Wedding Emcee

When I first started out as a Wedding Emcee in Singapore, I was armed with nothing except loose pieces of the script provided by the venue. I stuck to the script word for word, weaving bilingually between English and Mandarin, afraid of mispronouncing words and names during important segments.

Over time, I realized the key to being a good wedding emcee was more than just efficiently delivering whatever was written on the paper. It requires you to think on your feet at all times, create the ideal atmosphere the wedding couple wanted, ensure the flow of events run smoothly, and of course, not messing up any sequences or names. Therefore, one of the crucial stages would be to have a functional script on hand.

The same papers I used years ago, is still, in fact, relevant today. All you have to do is tweak it to fit the wedding and below are some steps to help take some stress off your shoulder if emcee duties have fallen on you.

1) Understanding the couple

The stars of the wedding should always be the couple. Hence it is essential to acknowledge their preferences and choices. Are they a spontaneous couple who prefer a fun-filled interactive wedding? Or would they prefer something a little more traditional and formal because of their guests’ demographics? Do they have a dream theme in mind? Knowing the answers to these questions will help set your mood and pace for the banquet.

I usually try to find out if there are interesting or memorable incidences that the couple is comfortable sharing as this engages the guests. Similarly, it would be good to know if there are any taboo topics that the couple would like to avoid.

2) Understanding the guests’ demographics

A brief idea of who is seated amongst the audience would also help you determine the appropriate tone and main medium of language for the wedding. For example, you can even throw in dialects if there are a lot of senior folks around. To take things a step further, a rough idea of where each group of guests are seated could help facilitate your interactive segments, if any.

Step 3: Gathering the necessary information

This is one of the most crucial steps as nothing beats getting the bride and/or groom’s name wrong. If you were to specially mention and thank their family members or important guests, ensure you have all correct names written down and always check with the couple on pronunciation.

4) Knowing the plan and timeline of the banquet

While most weddings follow a set of sequences, it is not uncommon for couples to do away with certain segments or switch up the flow of events. It is important to run through the programme prior to the big day and double-check once more on the actual day with all coordinators and vendors present. Knowing the timeline of the segments and inserting them into the script will also help ensure minimal errors. For example, the second march in usually happens in between the 4th and 5th dish and most couples would play their morning highlights prior to marching in. Being aware will guide you when you need to be ready to take the stage to address the audience again.

5) Sample Wedding Emcee Script

And here we are, the last step is to craft out the actual script. As mentioned, most weddings cover similar segments and all you need to do is ensure the flow is as discussed and all necessary information has been collected for you to input into the script. Below is a sample of a generic wedding script, with both English and Mandarin versions included. It could be done bilingually by either one emcee, or if you have a counterpart, each host takes one language.

a) Welcome Greetings

Good afternoon distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen. We would like to invite you to take your seats as we will be commencing shortly.

各位来宾大家下午好,我想慎重邀请在座的贵宾入席就坐, 宴会即将开始。

b) Introduction

Good afternoon once again, my name is Amanda, and I will be your emcee today. On behalf of Mr and Mrs XXXand Mr and Mrs XXX, I would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to you for gracing this very special occasion, the wedding celebration of ABC and XYZ. Thank you for sharing this joyous moment with us.

在座的来宾下午好,我是慧玲,也是您今天的司仪。今天是XXX的儿子,以及XXX的幼女 的大喜之日。在这里非常感谢今天下午抽出宝贵时间出席他们结婚喜宴,分享他们的喜悦。

c) Childhood Montage

Before we proceed to a special video prepared by ABC and XYZ, may we request you to switch off your mobile gadgets to silent mode. Let us enjoy a short childhood photo montage of the couple's love story.

在我们迎接这对新人入席之前, 请大家把手机铃声关上,让我们先欣赏一个短片, 看看ABC 和 XYZ 的成长以及恋爱过程。

d) First March In:

Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise and give our warmest welcome to the wedding couple, ABC and XYZ!

让我们起立 以最热烈的掌声欢迎ABC 和 XYZ入席!

e) Cake Cutting Ceremony:

We shall now invite the newly-weds on stage for the cake cutting ceremony which symbolizes the formation of a new family unit and their commitment to share and provide for each other. Let’s wish the couple a sweet and blissful marriage.


f) Commencement of Lunch:

Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen. Lunch will be served shortly. Please sit back, relax, enjoy the food!


g) Morning Highlights:

Ladies and Gentlemen, we hope that you have enjoyed the lunch that was specially prepared so far.


I would like to turn your attention to the screens once again as we find out what happened earlier this morning at the gatecrash ceremony.


h) Second March In:

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready?

Let’s all rise to welcome the new Mr and Mrs XXX!


i) Champagne Pouring and Toasting:

I would like to invite ABC and XYZ to commemorate this special day with the champagne pouring ceremony.



May the newlyweds enjoy eternal marital bliss with this toast offered to each other.


We will now invite the parents, friends and relatives of ABC and XYZ on stage for the Yam Seng party!


1st Yam Seng: Wishing them a blissful marriage 第一杯: 祝这对新人百年好合.

2nd Yam Seng: Wishing them an everlasting love 第二杯: 祝这对新人永结同心, 白头偕老.

3rd Yam Seng : Wishing them to be fruitful and multiply in numbers 第三杯: 祝这对新人早生贵子,三年抱两.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please be seated.


j) Couple Speech

May I now invite the couple to say a few words.


k) Table to Table Photography

Thank you ABC and XYZ. Please continue to enjoy the sumptuous lunch this afternoon as our newlyweds will be making their rounds to greet and take photos with you at your table.

谢谢ABC 和 XYZ。请大家继续享用美食。新郎新娘也会到各桌与您拍照,所以请别走开。谢谢大家。

l) End

Dear guests, we have now come to the end of the wedding banquet. Thank you for your presence this afternoon and we hope that you have and will continue to enjoy the rest of the day. Thank you!


Lastly, engage your ideal Wedding Live Band for your wedding to make it memorable for you and your guests!


The above serves as a basic guideline for writing a wedding emcee script. Feel free to change it up and add in your own personality. Lastly, kudos to taking on a tough job but always remember, you were an important part of someone’s big day!

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Dear guests, we have now come to the end of the wedding banquet. Thank you for your presence tunnel rush this afternoon and we hope that you have and will continue to enjoy the rest of the day. Thank you!


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