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Top 24 Makeup Artists in Singapore for Wedding / Bridal (2024 Updated!)



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It’s not a work of art if there isn’t paint on the canvas. True for paintings, but not necessarily brides! Ladies, a big congratulations on wanting to tie the knot! It’s a big day and we’re sure you’re as excited as can be!

Hopefully by now, you’ve got the caterer, the venue and the guest-list sorted! All that needs work now is how you’re going to be put together. It’s simple really; you can do it yourself or you can have someone do it for you.

Our recommendation? Save yourself some stress. Get some help with it!

You’re going to want a look that’ll flaunt the natural ebb and flow of your face. A look that doesn’t steal from who you are but compliments it. A look that’s you but accentuated.

Look no further! We’ve got a list of heavy hitters that’ll do all that and more.

Wedding day makeup is crucial for looking your best. As such, we’ve gone and put together a top 20 bridal makeup artist for you to peruse. Trust us, you’ll find the perfect one on the actual day.

Each of these artists have had years of experience and specialise in local looks and styles. Most of them will tailor to the look you want but all are certified pros. Their experiences range from bridal makeup and hairstyling.

Needless to say, no matter who you pick, you’re in good hands.

So have a look and see if you find anything you like!


Top 23 Makeup Artists in Singapore

1. Beauty Without Filter

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Specialising in bridal makeup and production, Atiqah has been beautifying faces for more than 6 years. Using different techniques, products, and colour tones, she brings out the best in her brides' features.

Some of her past works include dramas for Mediacorp (Tanglin 2016, 2017), HBO ASIA (Half World 2, 2016), movies for Warner Brothers (Crazy Rich Asians,2018), TVCs for Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR), GovTech (2020), Mastercard (2019), People’s Association (2019), and so much more.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 8200 5334

2. Autelier Makeup

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If you want the best and the brightest is wedding makeup, Autelier Makeup can help! They are amongst the top bridal makeup companies in Singapore. Their team has icons that inspire creative bridal makeup and hairstyling techniques.

Helmed by acclaimed makeup principal artist Cherry Au, experience is a guarantee. She’s taken Autelier Makeup from its humble beginnings to the company it is today. They’ve also got a knack for working only with the finest brands in the industry.

It’s safe to say, they’re as invested in your beauty on the actual day as you are! So, get started down the right path with Autelier Makeup! They herald a pleasant experience from top to tail.

Contact Details:

Address: 160 Paya Lebar Road , Orion@PayaLebar, #06-07, S409022

Mobile: 8186 4688

3. Tiffining Beauty

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At Tiffiningbeauty, Tiffany, the Founder believes all women are pretty without makeup, but they can bloom with the right makeup!


Her approach to beauty is simple, modern and elevated. Tailored to your distinct style and comfort level, her goal is to create a look that's timeless and ultimately you.

There was a time in her past when she felt like an ugly duckling and fell in love with the way makeup empowers her to be confident. After a decade of working in the tech industry, she decided to pursue her dream to empower people with a sense of confidence.

Tiffany constantly upgrades and keeps up with new trends from UK, Korea, Thailand and Singapore to deliver the best for her clients. From Korean dewy looks, rustic boho vibes to glamourous red-carpet styles, Tiffany incorporates simplicity, elegance, and radiance with every brush stroke to create looks that felt fresh and authentic to her client.

Not only for weddings, she also covers makeup for commercial shoots, makeup lessons and weight management programs.

Contact Details:

4. Ladyy Claire Makeup

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Specializing in Korean-style Bridal makeup and hair, Ladyy Claire Makeup artists are huge advocates of proper skincare for sensitive skin. Therefore, you can be sure that only gentle, effective products which are nothing less than top quality are used. Ladyy Claire Makeup understands how important it is for brides to stand out on their special day. Thus, they only have one goal in mind: to make each and every bride feel like a princess.

The artists at Ladyy Claire Makeup will guide you in detail through consultation calls and trials. You can be sure that they are 100% dedicated to you, from onboarding until the end of service.

Contact Details:

5. Jennis Wong

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Jennis Wong Makeup is renowned for meticulous attention to detail and modern techniques, using premium products to enhance natural beauty. With her artistic hands, Jennis creates stunning looks for weddings, pre-weddings, runways, and editorial spreads.

Featured on prestigious magazine covers and working with celebrities like Hong Kong actress Jes, Jennis remains humble, staying true to her passion for makeup. Jennis' talent and dedication ensure breathtaking looks that exceed expectations, highlighting clients' best features and delivering personalized and exceptional makeup experiences. Trust in Jennis Wong Makeup for an unforgettable and tailored makeup journey on your special occasion.

Clients trust Jennis Wong Makeup for exceptional results, backed by her work with celebrities and consistently exceeding expectations. Jennis excels in creating natural and appropriate styles that enhance features and reflect individuality and the occasion.

Contact Details:

Contact: +65 94674670 (WhatsApp)

6. Ling’s Palette

How do you know someone’s found their passion? Well, the founder of Ling’s Palette quit the corporate world to pursue your beauty. We think that qualifies!

Her passion led her to the life of a professional makeup artist. But her learning doesn’t stop there, she’s still experimenting and changing her game up to stay on top.

Since then, she’s amassed considerable experience in styling a bride for every wedding. She describes her style as “a balance between looking natural in person and in photos”. This will have you looking camera-ready at any moment. Perfect for those wedding day candids!

Contact Details:

Contact Form: (bottom of page)


Mobile: 9743 8960

7. ​Tang Yong Makeup

Founder Valerie TangYong is an award-winning professional hairstyling and makeup artist. She is passionate about beauty and is a firm believer in a natural look! She feels a bride’s individuality is best brought out through her own unique glow.

She is a graduate from Cosmoprof Academy and hasn’t stopped learning since! She’s been taught by Hair and Makeup Artists from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia. All this culminating in her signature style of keeping it natural!

Valerie’s work has seen her featured in several publications and magazines. For example, The Wedding Scoop, BrideStory and Bridal Musings!

So if you’re pining for a naturing look, you know who to call on!

Contact Details:

Mobile: 9061 7518

8. The Luckiest Chick Makeup

The Luckiest Chick Makeup company is founded and helmed by Fidelis Toh. She is a professional wedding makeup artist trained in Taiwan. She specializes in romantic Taiwanese & natural Korean style bridal looks.

Her focus blends the preferences of the bride with her own expertise! This gives the bride the look she wants blended with Fidelis’ expert hand. She’s honed these skills through several advanced master classes for bridal makeup and hairstyling skills.

Her motivation has always been to make the bride look and feel like the “Queen of the World”. Thus far, every bride has shared that same sentiment. With this level of work satisfaction, you can trust Fidelis to give you just what you need on your wedding day.

Contact Details:

Contact Form: (Bottom of the page)


Mobile: 81212296

9. Tracy Im Hair and Makeup

As a former banker of 7 years, Tracy Im is now full time into wedding hairstyling and makeup. Whilst banking, she freelanced as a makeup artist in her free time. As time went by, she turned her passion into her hobby. Then turned her hobby into her profession.

Another graduate from Cosmoprof Academy, Tracy Im is another top makeup artist. She’s since taken up advance bridal hairstyling and make up courses from other luminaries. Ever a student of the game, it’s no wonder she comes highly requested!

All we have to say is trust someone who left a banking job to do makeup full time. It takes immense dedication, courage and skill to succeed more in this line than the other!

Contact Details:

Mobile: 9387 3142

10. Team Bride SG

Team Bride SG is a team of 3 offering you all the makeup services you could possibly want and need. This team can go anywhere you need and profess to be your “dream makeup artists”. What sounds like a tall order is just a normal day on the job for them.

This team of 3 was founded by director Joanna Tay in 2015. Together with her team, they promise their best for your wedding day. Alongside them is a team of senior and executive makeup artists that’ll help you and your bridesmaids look stunning in photos!

To add to their qualifications, each of their senior artists have travelled Asia to train and upgrade. Their skills are top notch and in tune with the latest trends. One thing is for sure, they came to play and will certainly get the job done.

Contact Details:


Mobile: 9005 2599

11. Joyce Yeo Make Up

As a testament to her dedication-to-craft, Joyce left a corporate job in 2014 to do makeup fulltime. She has since pursued her passion in makeup and hairstyling. Like we’ve said before, anyone this dedicated to their craft is one to be trusted.

What about her bridal makeup credentials? Well, she joined Malena Bridal Haute Couture as their Resident Stylist. Her responsibilities saw her design hair and makeup looks for their brides. Needless to say, she was a hit!

Joyce has experience in creating soft and bold bridal looks. This ranges from the likes of the Koreans and Japanese to those suiting the runway.

Experience and talent are an excellent combo; even better when they’re with Joyce.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 9669 4307​​

12. Arieltistry

Conviction is a powerful motivator. The people at Arieltistry are convinced that every bride deserves to look their best. That makeup ought to reflect oneself and not just present a pretty façade.

The folks at Arieltistry aren’t trying to make you something you’re not. But rather, to take what’s there and make it known. Your every line and curve is a blessing and Arieltistry is here to help you accentuate all of it!

They don’t believe makeup requires having the whole palette on your face. Rather, it should create a natural, soft and clean look. Self-professed to have a keen eye for details, Arieltistry will get the big and small things done right!

Contact Details:

13. Cocoon Makeup and Hair

It is true when they say art is not without pain. In the case of the founder of Cocoon Makeup Team, Hisa, it started with rebellion! After graduating, she resolved to work in the beauty industry against her parents wishes.

In the past 10 years, brides everywhere have thanked her for this!

Hisa has consistently and passionately acquired the latest skills and kept up with beauty trends. Her initial flame for beauty continued to live on as she set up the Cocoon Makeup Team. They embody her standards of perfection and bring her passion to their work.

They profess to only use the top cosmetics brands that suit your skin. Talk about top quality!

Contact Details:

Address: Clementi Ave 4, Singapore 120316

Mobile: 8139 0804

14. Mibe Leung

Mibe Leung is one makeup artist that let’s her work speak for itself. Over the years she’s done considerable work for celebrities and brides. To name a few, Fann Wong, Christopher Lee and Darren Lim!

Add to the fact that her core beliefs are the willingness to improve and a heart to serve? You couldn’t write more of an angel even if you tried!

Like any other on this list, she stays updated with international makeup trends. Skills do pay the bills. But with Mibe, it’s not just hard-ware but also the heart-ware.

So, get you somebody that can do both and get in touch with Mibe!

Contact Details:

Mobile: 9099 6397

15. Makeup Entourage

They’ve got one heck of a name and the stones to back it up too! Makeup Entourage was set up by celebrity makeup artist Dollei Seah. Her clients aren’t her only motivation though; her vision is also to inspire those in the industry.

Dollei Seah has more than 25 years of experience and is a veteran in makeup. Despite her tenure, she isn’t known for following the rules. After all, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. This makes her work distinctive and unique.

She’s dedicated to empowering every artist under her to perform the work she’s capable of. This means every artist you meet can channel her ideas and bring your imageries to life. This allows Makeup Entourage to build a capable and accomplished team.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 91919049

16. Makeup Maestro

Like a normal maestro, Makeup Maestro will do with makeup what musicians do with music. In their words, they’ll “harmonize the details of our makeup and styling with your personality”. All of this to create a wedding that’s uniquely yours.

Like a maestro, each artist will compose their work with their signature style. They aim to marry the look that’s best for you with all your natural features. Makeup Maetro feels it is important that you choose artists you trust and artists that can deliver.

If anyone feels confident that they can do just that, it’s them.

Contact Details:

Address: 36A Sago Street Singapore 059027

Mobile: 9111 7539

17. Ling Chia Makeup

If you want a myriad of skills under one roof, Ling Chia Makeup and Hairdo can do it all. She is trained in looks that are subtle and natural to maxing out the glitz and glam. She loves working closely with her clients to get them exactly what they want.

She believes in a brides’ natural beauty and creates effortless, memorable hairstyles. Her penchant as a perfectionist leads her constantly improve her skills. This desire has brought her to Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan to learn.

What more could you want from an avid pro with an easy going and friendly personality?

Contact Details:

Mobile: 9683 2221

18. Susan Beauty Artistry

Founder Susan believes that “Passion, Perfection and Patience” are important values.

She’s gone and learned from some of the best in Singapore. She finds immense passion and satisfaction in using her skills to make brides beautiful. But, like a consummate professional, nothing stops her from learning.

Her constant journey of progress and learning led her to the wedding industry. In her words, it is “an honor to be able to contribute to your actual wedding day”. Now how can you deny a ray of sunshine like that?

Contact Details:

Address: 11 Woodlands close, Woodlands 11 #10-22, Singapore 737853

Mobile: 9001 7465

19. Makeup Doyennes

Makeup Doyennes were sparing with the information that we could find. BUT, what you should know is that they’re a dedicated bunch! Based in Singapore, there is no mountain too high and no valley too low.

Regardless of the size of the undertaking, they’ll get the job done.

Take one of their reviews by couple Jaymie and Law. They had great experiences with Makeup Doyennes and loved the work that they did. Hair and makeup rendered by them was like the fairy godmother herself.

Contact Details:

Address: 76 Playfair Road LHK2 Building #04-02 Suite 09 & 10, Singapore 367996 (By Appointment Only)

Mobile: 8661 8606

20. SG Make Over

"I believe every bride needs and deserves perfection. Therefore, I take your vision and turn it into a reality. It's about the whole look; the hair and makeup. I am there to put the final piece in the jigsaw."

These are the words of founder, Valerie, of SG Make Over. She is a freelance makeup artist with 7 years in the game. Her experiences in TV, Commercial and High Fashion to her specialty in bridal hair and makeup.

She believes that every bride deserves a unique and tailored look for the actual day. Being well known for her fresh ideas and outstanding standards of service, her work speaks for itself.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 8726 2906

21. Esta Hu Makeup

When it comes to starting anything, its best to start small. With Esta Hsu, she started on her friends. At first, picking up slight improvements that her friends could make on their nights out in uni. Then doing them up nice at their big events!

In her words, she feels true beauty is a birth right. Which, we suppose, would make her the divine beyond itself!

Now, as a professional makeup artist, Esta has been on a quest for your perfect look. This quest, and the support of her friends, got her wear she is! She aims to give you no muss and no fuss in your experience with her.

She understands that being a bride can be an immensely stressful ordeal. Little sleep, hectic schedules and tight deadlines can start to show! You certainly don’t want that on your wedding day. That’s why you can trust her with her package on the actual day to keep you looking tip top!

Contact Details:

Address: 2 Jalan Lokam, Kensington Square 537846

Mobile: 9759 4574

22. Linda Lino Makeup

You know what they say: whenever it comes to kids, it always starts in the family. Founder Linda Lee was born into an artistic family and you could say the rest was history! After studying fashion design, she pursued a career in makeup.

What a chip off the old block!

Lindalino Makeup’s ethos is all about timelessness and elegance. This is the mentality they bring to every bride they work with. Their aim to have you looking back at your wedding photos and loving what you see.

Their reputation is planted firmly on your smile and they too want to beam with pride. It’s telling that the only way Lindalino Makeup gets peace of mind is with your satisfaction!

Contact Details:

Mobile: 8182 3441

23. 27A Co.

When people think of 27A, they think fresh, innovative, and modern. All good signs if you’re a modern couple looking for a twist on things. As a studio that operates in the whole of SEA, 27A is known for their quality and creative consult!

Marie Soh, founder of 27A, had this to say about her work philosophy:

“Makeup isn't just a job, it’s about the people and companies I meet. It’s about how I enjoy injecting that touch of glamour and personalised style. I’m grateful for a chance to do what I’m passionate about.”

Hallmarked by care and attention to quality, her uncompromising approach stretches through 27A. You may even say it stretches to her clients!

Contact Details:


Mobile: 9368 4640

24. Love Me Do Image Studio

Careful with their artists as they are with you, Love me Do Image Studio is a cracking team! With individuals in-house certified in both bridal makeup and hairstyling. From the first meet to the actual day, you can expect tailored and personalized service.

You know how they say the best way to learn is to teach?

Well, their practitioners have the stones to provide makeup courses in various difficulties! So if you’re feeling confident, you could surely take them up on it. Otherwise, leave the brushstrokes to the experts and expect the best when you’re in the chair.

They can appreciate you wanting to look the best! They hope you appreciate their best is all they’ve got to give.

Contact Details:

Address: 73 Ubi Road 1, #09-57, Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408733

Mobile: 9879 9329

Bridal Make Up is About One Thing

Do you look good to you?

Because if you don’t, the whole set up is a wash! Sure, people will be giving you a once over to see if you look bridal enough. Sure, people will be wondering why you went for this, that and the other. Sure, people will have their opinions.

But, peace of mind is priceless.

You should have the ultimate say in the way you want your bridal beauty to exude. You deserve to have yourself the wedding look you want. In order to do that, you need the right artist.

Whether they are slightly alternative or they’re tradition with their look, you choose. The important thing to bear in mind is that you do not want to look back with regret. You want to open up the album and smile just as you did in those photos.

So remember, your big day is all about you!

As always, we hope you found this list informative and happy planning!

Lastly, engage your ideal Wedding Live Band for your wedding to make it memorable for you and your guests!


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