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Top 12 Wedding Planners in Singapore (2024 Updated!)


Side Note:

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If you’re reading this, we’ve got one of two things to say to you.

First, if you’re here because you’re engaged and are planning the wedding, CONGRATULATIONS. Oh and saying congrats isn’t taboo anymore! We figured that out on our article discussing the best wedding wishes.

Second, if you’re here at the behest of the lovely bride or groom-to-be, your life is about to get easier. We’ve compiled a top 10 list of wedding planners in Singapore for your convenience. So read on and check out the A-list of the industry.

About Singapore Wedding Planners

To give you a quick TL;DR about this list we’ve compiled, they operate using themes or an entirely bespoke experience. This means some have you build your wedding around their expertise. Whereas some have the expertise to build your wedding from scratch.

So take your pick of the litter, they all bring something special to the table!


Top 10 Wedding Planners in Singapore

1. Everitt Weddings

*** Quote "Musical Touch" for a $100 OFF all packages! ***

Everitt Weddings specialises in wedding planning in Singapore. It strives to make professional wedding planning accessible and affordable to many couples. With its very own collection of thoughtful and transparent service plans, selecting one that matches a bridal couple’s unique requirements and budget is now easier than ever. Couples can select from Everitt's Signature Plans which includes: Essential (Basic Plan), Embellish (Classic Plan) and Exquisite (Premium Plan).

The wedding planning company prides itself in crafting hearty, tasteful and chic wedding experiences to showcase every couple’s style and identity and balancing that with reliable practical support and quality control. Couples can have peace of mind knowing that their wedding is in good hands with a well-coordinated and seasoned wedding team supporting them. Many wedded couples were impressed with the team’s professionalism and dedication, which truly made a difference on their special day.

Everitt Weddings has planned and coordinated weddings at the most prestigious venues in Singapore, and can connect you with their community of curated wedding vendors. Embark on a journey with Everitt Weddings for your greatest celebration of love!

Address: The Great Room, 328 North Bridge Rd #02-20, Raffles Hotel Arcade, Singapore 188719

Phone: 8113 2473

2. I Do For You

*** Quote "Musical Touch" for a 10% OFF all packages! ***

I Do For You is primarily a Wedding Planning and Event Service company.

Despite only being established in early 2020, our planning team are graduates from the Institute of Certified Wedding Planners and have planned multiple weddings big and small.

The IDFY team is like family and we would love to extend our love to our clients, the You Do For Me (YDFM) Family. We enjoy conceptualising and creating something new for every client that reaches out!

Apart from planning, every member of the IDFY family are skilled venue stylists as well. Being all-rounders, we essentially aim to be every client's one-stop solution to all your wedding and event needs. Be it a Birthday Party, Marriage proposal, Weddings, Picnics, Corporate events, Private events, Solemnizations, or even a simple and intimate set-up, the IDFY family got your back from start to finish!

One of IDFY family's biggest motto is to help and bring joy to people. Thus, the team strongly believes by getting to know clients on a personal level will allow every step of planning and execution to a greater success; in result to have your event something you and your guests will never forget!

3. Pei Wedding

*** Be entitled to $100 off if you're a Musical Touch couple ***

For the mandarin speaking folks, Pei Wedding has a pretty interesting name! Otherwise known as “Accompany” in English, they’ll to go through your wedding day with you. By that, they mean that they’ll be there for you throughout.

And dig this, their founder’s name happens to have Pei in it as well!

Since 2013, Founder Peiyi has been neck deep in the wedding industry. Her journey saw her go at it on her own in 2019, under the mentorship of some of the best in the industry. If they saw her now, they’d no doubt be massively impressed.

Her style is impeccable and her practices are the latest as Peiyi is no slouch. She lives and breathes matters of her profession and is a consummate professional. If you want your wedding done right, this recommendation comes strongly.

Get in contact with them for more information on their services, packages, and their team:

4. The Wedding People

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With The Wedding People, you get a 3-in-1 package. As wedding planners, designers and stylists, they want aim to please with much ease! They’ll handle the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy your big day.

Their self proclaimed “hyperactive team” is there for you offload the stress of planning your big day.

They come to you with varying levels of stress relief in their different service offerings. There are options to contract them for individual styling, coordination and partial planning services. Or you could go with their “Sit Back and Relax” package which let’s them handle everything.

If we were you, we’d go knocking on their door!

Get in contact with them for more information on their services, packages, and their team:

Phone: 9070 3348

5. Rosette Designs and Co

*** Quote "Musical Touch" for 5% OFF Decor, and 10% OFF all services! ***

Rosette believes that each couple deserves to have their dream wedding. Since they’ve been founded by Hellen Lie, they have been a company aiming to do just that. As a creative event styling and planning company they’ve executed every aspect of a wedding.

Aspects including creative direction and event styling. This includes factors like stationery design, floristry, and actual day coordination. Whatever you want, they’ve got it.

To them, no idea is a bad idea. All you need is a strong stylist to carry out your vision. They can tailor packages to suit your needs and ensure your special day runs smoothly.

Get in contact with them for more information on their services, packages, and their team:

Address: 87 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088508

Phone: 8063 8340

6. The Wedding Concepteur

The Wedding Concepteur believe that your wedding should be uniquely special. Much like art, a wedding requires detailed knowledge of the couple before designing a concept. With every brushstroke after your ideas come to life.

Since 2014, they have prided themselves as planners who put the couples’ needs first. To create your unique wedding experience, they find the right vendors operating around your requirements. To them, there are no “preferred vendors”, just the ones right for you.

They will be present throughout your wedding journey to make sure that you are well taken care of from before till after, which includes the post-wedding deliverables.

Get in contact with them for more information on their services, packages, and their team:

Phone: 8853 0831

7. Bliss Pact

With a bunch of committed, passionate and skilled individuals, Bliss Pact is a stylist that guarantees a unique wedding experience. They transform your wildest dreams into reality. They also ensure a memorable celebration complete with love, joy and laughter.

We endeavour to reduce the stress of weddings through event planning and management. Allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of the occasion and focus on hosting your guests. Bliss Pact offers a wide range of services that will cater to various occasions.

Get in contact with them for more information on their services, packages, and their team:

8. Beautiful Gatherings

As a wedding planner company operating in Singapore, Beautiful Gatherings brings forth an authentic wedding. They look to the past to assemble a gathering that is yours and yours alone. They plan to coordinate and design weddings that speak about the couple.

Beyond weddings, let also help plan proposals, travels and joyous occasions. Herein, they tell the story of your love as you want it. Through the lenses of their lead planner, couples can expect the best ally in their wedding planning journey.

Get in contact with them for more information on their services, packages, and their team:

Phone: 9687 3318

9. Wedding Diary

The Wedding Diary is an event company focusing on the customised decor, styling and planning management. Founded by Lily Lu in 2009, she works with a great bunch. Each of them is a creative and enthusiastic stylist in their own right.

To them, a wedding is a story to be remembered and shared. Call it your own personal fairy tale! One of a dream fulfilled and the best time with family and friends. As such, they have 3 services to cater to your desired specifications.

First, they have wedding designs and décor. This handles the creative aspects and ideation of the look of your wedding. Second is a wedding design and wedding day coordination. This handles on-the-ground management too. Lastly, full wedding planning vendor services.

Get in contact with them for more information on their services, packages, and their team:

Address: 420 North Bridge Road, North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727 (By appointment only)

Phone: 9720 9069

10. Eternal Emotion

Eternal Emotion is a wedding planner trained by Japanese professionals. Their focus as a vendor is on providing an all-round, efficient and professional wedding planning experience. As wedding planners, they customize a wedding around each couple’s unique needs.

With step-by-step consultations leading up to your big day, Eternal Emotion will guide you through planning. Their Full Wedding Planning Services cover making all necessary arrangements for your wedding. This includes venue sourcing, vendor sourcing and actual day coordination.

Eternal Emotion is the first Japanese wedding planner operating in Singapore. They were introduced to Singapore for professional wedding planning operating the Japanese way. So if you’d like a taste of how things are done, they are the best ones for the job.

Get in contact with them for more information on their services, packages, and their team:

Address: 20 Maxwell Road #09-01 Singapore

Phone: 6338 6773

11. Chere

Chere believes in creating a wedding where everyone is joyously pulled into the celebration of love. Their director and wedding planner, Weiwei Tan, formed Chere in 2009 while she was studying. She’s since planned hundreds of weddings and teaches at the Institute of Certified Wedding Planners.

At Chere, they work not just for you but with you. They believe good events and good relationships come from good collaboration. It is also their anniversary. So they have special rates on their wedding planning services along with perks from vendors. Find out more here.

Get in contact with them for more information on their services, packages, and their team:

Phone: 8780 7548

12. The Wedding Atelier

The Wedding Atelier is an international wedding planning vendor with offices in Hong Kong. They plan, design and orchestrate the world’s most spectacular weddings. This includes destination weddings in the remote islands of Maldives to majestic ballrooms in China.

Helming the company is a stylist and founder, Lelian Chew. She was awarded Luxury Travel Guide’s “Wedding Expert of the Year – Global”. She’s even been featured on the cover of Martha Stewart Magazine. It’s safe to say that she is one of the best in the world.

On their website, she has a word for all the would-be couples:

"A wedding is unlike any other event. It is highly complex as it is the most public declaration of your most private feelings. Much skill is required to balance the lavishness it deserves with the intimacy it requires. Collaborating with the finest vendors in the world, we deliver this effortlessly."

- Lelian Chew

Get in contact with them for more information on their services, packages, and their team:

Address: 2 Alexandra Road, 8/F, Singapore 159919

Phone: 8869 2830

13. Inside the Knot

Inside The Knot is your one-stop service provider for anything wedding related. From ideation to the actual wedding execution, you can rely on them. Their amazing team aim to fulfil your wishes and meet your expectations.

They know how each wedding differs, so they’ll always put their best foot forward and ensure new things are on the table. With 10 years of experience, Inside The Knot is the who’s who of the wedding planning vendor scene.

Get in contact with them for more information on their services, packages, and their team:

Address: 11 Kallang Place #05-12, Singapore 339155

Phone: 8799 0300


The thing about all of it is this…

No one on this list would say no outrightly. Planning weddings is a tough business and these folks work to make yours happen. Take their consult to heart and give serious thought to what they say.

If they say something could be tough, it’s not a slight against you. It comes from experience.

But, in the end, it's your special day. If you want it bad enough, you’ve got it. From the reviews of the above vendors, they’re all wonderful to work with.

So keep a cool head and happy planning😊

Lastly, engage your ideal Wedding Live Band to make your wedding memorable for you and your guests!


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