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Top 21 Wedding Florists in Singapore (2024 Updated!)



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Wedding Florist?

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall; it doesn’t matter what season it is. Everybody wants flowers at their wedding! Fortunately for us in the tropics, we’ve got this option all year round.

But, this does beg the question: “who do we get help from to arrange flowers for a wedding?”

Well, as per usual, we’re here to the rescue! We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 most skilled florists for your wedding day. These florists have received rave reviews from their past clients. We’re certain you’ll like their work!

Choosing a Wedding Florist Singapore Style

Obviously, there are a few considerations when picking your wedding florist. But if you’re going to do it like a Singaporean, there are a few things you might want to consider. Here’s 3 quick considerations.

a) Sticking to the theme

Your wedding is bound to have a theme. Whether its boho, classic or modern, ensure the colors of your flowers match it. You do not want the décor to clash with itself. Or worse, with your dress!

b) Check out their Bridal Bouquets and Décor ideas

It is essential that you have a beautiful bridal bouquet for the ceremony. It will tie your wedding gown in with the décor of the room. It’s also a beautiful center piece of your outfit and it’s certain to give it that wow factor.

c) Settle on a budget

This is probably the most Singaporean tip we could give you! While flowers will set the tone and ambiance of the room, do not overspend. Flowers are lovely and you should have them. Just don’t break the bank having them around!

d) Picking a Wedding Florist

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time for you to start making decisions. Each of the florists in this list is accomplished and skilled. They’ve invested their time and creativity in making brides’ dreams come true.

They will certainly be able to do it for you.

Bear in mind that each florist has a specialty. Some handle just the bouquets and others the décor. It’s up to you to mix and match which you’d like. Get in touch with each of them and consult them on how they can make your big day special.

Now, in no particular order, here are our recommended florists.


Top 20 Wedding Florists in Singapore

1. FNP Singapore

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In the heart of Singapore’s vibrant wedding scene, FNP stands tall as the architects of floral dreams, crafting moments that echo with the melodies of love. Inspired by passion and driven by love & moments, they ensure your wedding day literally becomes the bed of roses.

With 5+ years in the industry, FNP has become a household name, trusted by even celebrities and aristocrats. Their passion lies in painting your special day with the hues of nature, creating an ambience that lingers in hearts. So, they aren’t just the best wedding florists in Singapore but storytellers who ensure every petal arranged whispers your love story.

Contact Details:

Mobile: +65 97279363

2. Floral Garage SG

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We would say they are the florists with hearts of gold. They do not approach the floral game with pride or braggadocio. They just want to make peoples’ day and make their lives better.

They do charity work, raise funds and do the occasional free workshop. Nothing like a company that understands the big picture. More importantly, a company that understands your big day!

Floral Garage SG has everything in place to ensure you get what you need, when you need it. They’ve got a top of the line logistics system that ensures timely delivery. We’ve yet to come across anyone with something bad to say about them.

Contact Details:

Address: 8 New Industrial Road, LHK 3 Building, #06-01, Singapore 536200

Mobile: 9387 8871

3. Royal Blooms

Royal Blooms can be summed up as “ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low.” They will go the distance for you. The pair, self-described as workaholic, insomniac and daydreaming misfits, have dedication to craft.

And, should you engage them, dedication to your wedding day.

It appears they don’t stop for anything if it means getting the work done. Royal Blooms love what they do and your satisfaction is as much theirs. Needless to say, they’ve got an eye for floral arrangements and aren’t afraid to prove it.

In a word, they are passionate.

Contact Details:

Address: 16 Upper Boon Keng Road, #01-1109, Singapore 380016

Mobile: 9800 5801

4. Elly Sera Florist

They say its not what you got, it’s what you make of what you got. The folks at Elly Sera Florist started at Nobleman School of Floral Design. Right now, they’re a successful floral business that wants to help you out.

Elly Sera has stuff you can buy “off the shelf” or they can do custom work for you. Regardless of the type of flower, color, or design you have in mind. They also consider that a bouquet meant for your special day deserves special attention.

They understand that presentation is everything. As such, they have a quality control matrix. This ensures the flowers you want are reserved and picked when the time is right. They’re also conscious of the volume and construction of your arrangements.

In short, they’ve broken this business down to a science!

Contact Details:

Mobile: 8892 6625

5. The Bloom Room

Typically, there is no secret sauce to creating beauty. A lot of the time, if it’s beautiful, it was just made that way. But what about making it special? The Bloom Room thinks they’ve figured it out.

In their own words, it needs “a dash of quirk here, a touch of whimsy there – and a whole lot of fun”.

With 10 years of experience, we feel it shows The Bloom Room’s secret sauce works. This family run establishment has been doing up flowers in their own unique style!

You can expect a blend of quirky blooms in chirpy colors. These evoke happy thoughts and the sweet times in love. But most importantly, they craft it with you in mind. Making you, somewhat, part of the secret sauce!

Contact Details:

Address: 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #01-19 T-Space, Singapore 528559

Mobile: 6447 0217

6. Dan Takeda Flower and Design

Dan Takeda is all about the look on the face of your special person. If you’re buying someone flowers and you bought them from Dan, he wants them to fall in love with you. It is his opinion that someone you love deserves nothing but the best.

This applies to any big event you’ll have in your life; especially your wedding. Big flower features that impress is part of Dan’s game. He is not a stranger to producing impressive works of art using flowers.

He certainly isn’t a stranger to helping make your big day much more special.

Since 2008, he’s been wowing crowds and crafting talking pieces with flowers. His renown is even acknowledged by luxury brands you love like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. He has their trust, we’re certain he’ll deliver for you!

Contact Details:

Address: 41 Macnair Road, Townerville, Singapore 328534

Mobile: 8223 6999

7. Floral Magic

For those who are big on women that can run the show and run it dang well, here’s Floral Magic. In their own words, “The backbone of our business is our family, fronted by daughters”. Now ain’t that something to behold.

Time for a quick backstory!

Lucy could be called the principal florist. She’s been a florist since Floral Magic's inception in 2000. She’s experimented and learnt from renowned designers from Belgium, Germany, Sweden, and the USA. She’s Certified Floral Designer and a member of the American Institute of Floral Design.

Then there’s the core team; Anna, Jo, and Linnette. They’ve put in the hours and training to coordinate Floral Magics’ success! Their experiences and veritable arsenal of skills have helped bring Lucy’s work to the forefront.

Together, they’ve established a business that focuses on what’s fresh and organic. They take cues from nature and transform any venue with lush floral and botanical styling. Needless to say, we were very impressed!

Contact Details:

Address: 334 King George's Ave, Singapore 208571

Mobile: 6337 6398

8. Fiore Dorato

Brenda Lee founded Fiore Dorato through her persistent love of creativity. From her time as a fashion design graduate at LaSalle, she’s developed her eye. Today, she uses it to make an impression with her floral arrangements.

Just as Fiore Dorato translates to Golden Flower, you can count on being impressed with Brenda. Her design philosophy is that flowers should integrate with décor. This contributes to the visual and emotional impact of the surroundings.

This doesn’t just apply to events that are big and grand. Brenda is capable of wowing you with her arrangements regardless of the venue. Her aim is to enthral, delight and surprise.

The point of Fiore Dorato’s involvement is to make the event less of the venue and more of you. If anyone has convinced us they can do it, it’s Brenda.

Contact Details:

Address: 100J Pasir Panjang Road Level 4 , SUTL House, Singapore 118525


Mobile: 91157163

9. Sing See Soon

If you’re looking for a florist that is tried and true, look no further. Sing See Soon have been in the game since 1879! A family-owned establishment, they probably did the floral arrangements for your grandparents!

Trusted by celebrities, big name events organizers and aristocrats, their guarantee is love. Love in the sense that you and their work deserve care and attention. And that is what you will get on your special day.

They’ve not gotten this far without it and they’ll keep going with it!

To prove it to you, their works and clientele speak for themselves. This family run business being in it’s fifth generation certainly means something. Likely that their method works, and they’ll keep at it.

Contact Details:

Address: 32 Punggol East, #01-01, Singapore 828824

Mobile: 6285 2777


A quick lowdown on their name, it is a play on the German word for flower “blumen”. Being that their founder, Daryl, has quite the passion for flowers, he changed it out to Bloomen! And that he is a guy, hence, the men portion of the name.

Blumen works with flowers according to your vision. Whether its for weddings or the quiet moments, Blumen can get it done.

As to who Bloomen is, they’re actually a husband and wife team. They turned a passion into a hobby then a hobby into a business. Built by scratch and by hand, it was all for fun until more orders came in!

In their words, they love working with folks that like “unique, playful and artistic” designs! Reason being, that’s their whole modus operandi. If they’re to making a difference to your wedding, they have to bring something special.

To use a floral analogy, these guys sound like a real “bud to bloom” story!

Contact Details:


11. Studio Poppy SG

They say the best way to learn is to teach. In that vein, Studio Poppy SG has been a student of the game for awhile! Looking at where they are now, the student has become the master.

It all began with founder Sarah’s love for sharing knowledge on floral arrangements. She’d do workshops and pay close attention to her students. She‘d also tell her students to put their unique mark on their designs.

Now, Sarah’s unique style has led her to build her arrangements around seasons. Each style built around what can be seen right outside your door. They call this the naturalistic approach!

So, not quite the new kid on the block, but she’s got that same energy!

Contact Details:

Mobile: 9188 1247

12. Bucket Full of Roses

You’ve got enough to worry about on your wedding day! Bucket Full of Roses understands this and doesn’t want to be a thorn in your side. More like, the ace up your sleeve.

Bucket Full of Roses wants to deliver on your unique vision. Whether it be traditional or modern, their desire is to make it come to life. The caveat here is that they’ll do so only using roses!

So, if you’re someone who loves roses and all the things they symbolize, look no further.

Their roses come fresh from Africa. Over there, where the trees are greener and the flora are wilder, the roses are also bigger! So, if you like a company that says exactly what it does, Bucket Full of Roses is your go-to.

Contact Details:

Address: 3015 Ubi Road 1 #04-244 Singapore 408704 (Strictly By Appointment only)

13. Florals Actually

If you’re looking for cherry floral arrangements and a lush décor, Florals Actually can help. They bring complex ideas together with that charm you read about in magazines! Not too loud that it hushes the couple, not too subtle that it blends in.

Since its founding in 2017, Florals Actually can do it all! They’ve set themselves to service all needs. Everything from everyday floral decor to wedding styling. The great thing about Florals Actually is that all creations come bespoke and just for you.

They won’t tell us the secret to their art, but they put the work in! Investing in more than just technique, their intent is to focus on you. To make whatever event you got them for that much more special.

Contact Details:

14. Huahee

The best way to describe HuaHee’s name and brand story is to let them tell it. We would never have guessed it. Our impression is that you would never have been able to either.

“we make happiness with floral

Huahee (dialect for "happy") was started in 2014 because we believed flowers make people happy.”

Clearly, not many dialect speakers in the Musical Touch team but that aside. The desire to make your whole brand about wanting to make people happy is great. What’s greater is that they’ve decided to use flowers to do that.

Furthermore, they want that kind of happiness to be simple, personal and affordable. Whether it comes in a handcrafted bouquet or a customized package, HuaHee can do it. So, in their words, “let their flowers make you Huahee”.

Contact Details:

15. Hellofromflour

It appears we have another husband and wife team in Hellofromflour! Larry and Jophia are their names, and they strive to put the pizzazz in your wedding. But, they weren’t always in wedding decor!

When they began, they wanted to spin narratives around a wedding. Giving it more than just a venue and a couple; giving it a story. Since then, they’ve helped make weddings into more than just ceremonies. They’ve used their skills to tell the story of the couple.

Their work relies on being able to blend your love story together with the décor and the venue. Flowers included obviously but it’s clearly not all that they do! So, if you’d like your story told through decor, Hellofromflour will bring that to the both of you!

Contact Details:

Contact Form: At the bottom of the website

16. Skinny Blooms

Being good with ideas is one thing. But being good with someone else’s ideas is another thing entirely. SkinnyBlooms specializes in bespoke floral arrangements that have one thing in mind.


As they describe it, they want to capture the hearts of your guests. How? By embodying your unique style and personality in the floral arrangements.

In terms of their repertoire, they make clear that the sky is the limit. Whether it’s hand tied bridal bouquets or boutonnieres for the groomsmen. SkinnyBlooms has got it handled.

Contact Details:

17. Keira Floral Studio

You’ve probably heard the saying that “time is effort”. It is our impression that Keira Floral Studio believe that too. With them, you’re not getting shortcuts and quick fixes.

Their style is self-professed to be organic. They take a lot of their inspiration from Mother Nature and Wildlife. They’re known for their organic, free-spirited and rustic styles.

Most importantly, they want to hear your story and style it accordingly. All the little things that make you the couple you are? They want to hear it and make magic for you on your special day!

Plus, they’ve got quite the clientele to boot! Amara Hotel Singapore, Tag Heuer and SK Jewellery to name a few!

Contact Details:

Address: 25 Bukit Batok Crescent, Elitist, 09-03, Singapore 658066

Mobile: 8838 2282

18. 5am Florwers

You might find it a little ironic that a florist has “gone green”. Well, it’s a sustainable business practice and who can blame them? It doesn’t hurt to be environmentally conscious!

5am Flowers has made that decision and they’re sticking with it. Minimal waste is their theme and if you feel the same, they’re the florist for you! Everything from stylishly repurposed packaging to ornate refurbished jam jars.

Who said style had to be expensive?

With 5am Flowers, your environmental conscientiousness can rest easy. Know that your decor was crafted with both you and Mother Nature in mind. After all, can’t have a special day without the ground under it!

Contact Details:

Contact Form: Use the chatbot on the website

19. The Floral Atelier

An atelier is a French word meaning an “artists workshop”. Simple though it may be, it’s in fact a creative space. One where things move at the speed of imagination.

At The Floral Atelier, you can expect no different.

The Floral Atelier was founded by Lelian Chew. She has an ethos for creation and that is “Beauty, Luxury, Exceptional.” In simple terms, her creations should create meaningful connections with people.

She achieves that with a design aesthetic that combines elegance and romance. So, expect pairings of flowers with lush and organic elements. Sometimes, simplicity is elegance unto itself.

Contact Details:

Address: 2 Alexandra Road, Delta House, Level 8, Singapore 159919

Mobile: 8869 2830

20. Dawn Q Floral Design

Founder of Dawn Q Floral Design had a mission in mind; beauty that you can afford. Founder Dawn built her florist with the promise of bringing luxury to everyone. Another mission statement was customer service to the nth degree!

In terms of getting the job done, there’s no job too big or too small. They can tailor to every occasion. Everything from flower bouquets and table arrangements to niche arrangements. This also includes dried flowers should you like.

Having been hallmarked by luxury at an affordable price, she also assures quality. Dawn promises intricately crafted arrangements that embody creativity, love and passion. Without which, she claims she couldn’t make your days with her meaningful and special.

Contact Details:

Address: 62 Ubi road 1 #05-13, Singapore408734

Mobile: 91796689

21. Far East Flora

This “last but not least” member of our list needs no introduction. As one of the most established players in the game, you know who Far East Flora is. But for the uninitiated, here are their credentials:

“If it’s got flowers in it, they do it.”

You name it! Gift hampers? Yes. Same day flower delivery? Yes. Gift Flowers? Yes. Plus, they’ve got 1,000 flower cum gift options to boot. This makes them your ideal wedding florist if you’re in a little bit of pinch.

As the number one florist in Singapore, their guarantee is the freshest flowers at any time of day. Given their variety, you’re bound to find the floral arrangement that will suit your mood. Although, expect to ideate a little more!

Contact Details:

Address: 565 Thomson Road Singapore 298184

Mobile: 6251 2323


One thing you should know…

All of the vendors we have picked share one commonality; they all want the best for you.

As evidenced by almost every article we’ve written so far, the wedding game is one of love. Their passion for your special day has led them to leave behind established careers for you. They want to help make the day as memorable as possible.

So, if you happen to consult any of them, trust them to have your best interests at heart! They have made a living off of making a couples’ big days even more special. They’ve woven themselves into everlasting memories and make a living doing it.

As always, we hope you found this list informative and happy planning!

Lastly, engage your ideal Wedding Live Band for your wedding to make it memorable for you and your guests!


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