Yu Tong

Singer . Emcee

English Mando Canto Hokkien

After emerging as champion in a singing competition in university, it was when Yu Tong started her singing career proper. Till date, she has performed in numerous large scale music festivals both local and in South East Asia.


Some of the significant events she performed in include the opening act for Fan Wei Qi’s album “ 我们的纪念日”, regular appearances in radio stations like Love 97.2 FM performing live, and many more.


Also not to forget her wealth of over 10 years of experience singing on stage for countless weddings, corporate functions and events! 


Some say that when she sings, there is the sexiness (jazz and soul), the edge (rock), and the heart melt (ballads) in her. Yes, the versatility of not only style, but she also sings in languages which include English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and some Japanese!

Compilation of Wedding songs

Wedding Emcee

Corporate Emcee