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What to send in your wedding invitation


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The proposal was beautiful, the engagement was a dream and now it’s time to seal the deal. You’ve got to plan for the big day and put together a list of people to invite. Then, you’ve got to send them out. Friends and family at your big day.

Which begs the question; how do you even begin to do that?

Fret not; you want a 101 on wedding invitations? We’ve got your back! Here’s a full breakdown on what you need and what you’d want to put in your wedding invites.

After this, we’re confident you’ll be helping others.


1) What is a Wedding Invitation?

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Sometimes it’s worth spelling out. Just in case you feel you should be putting Sephora gift cards in here!

So, once and for all, here we go.

A wedding invitation includes the main invitation, a response card, and any other helpful information for your any guest. Everything from when the reception is to the dress code. Generally, these are sent out in a decorative envelope

2) When to send out Invitations?

You want to be able to give every guest ample time to clear their schedules for you. So, send your wedding invitations out six to eight weeks prior to your wedding date.

3) How long before should the RSVP date be?

2 weeks should be enough time for each guest to figure out if they can make it. So, RSVPs should be due one month before the wedding.

4) Wedding invitations for International Guests?

You have to plan way ahead for these folks! As such, you need to send their invitations 2-3 weeks in advance for them to attend. It is strongly recommended that you give them a call or send them an email with the details first.

Especially if your family live abroad, you might want to consider bumping up their timeline. Bring them to the destination a week in advance for them to settle in. This means you’ll have to design your invitations in advance as well. We recommend 12 weeks in advance.

That being said, do send them the formal invite in the envelope. This formal gesture of inviting a guest is traditional and they will appreciate it. This officiates the invite and serves as a nice keepsake.

5) Should your Invitee bring someone who isn’t their significant other?

If you worded the invitation by having their partner's name on the envelope, you can say no. As a rule, invitations are exclusive and non-transferable when invited by name. Honestly, if you can’t give them a warm reception, it’s best not to invite them.

However, it is entirely up to you.

You can explain that you're not acquainted with their alternate guest. You could also explain that you'd prefer the wedding be limited to those special to you. Or, you could allow it as other couples will be present too.

6) How do we let a guest know our Dress Code?

Easy-peasy! Just include a dress code in the main body of the invite. Ensure to have it boldened to make it obvious so people don’t come wearing the wrong thing! The design of the envelop and invitation can also clue your guests in.

Something formal or traditional would indicate a more formal dress code. Conversely, an invite with a playful font and bright colours would indicate a more casual style. Short of stating it plainly, this could be a smooth way to let your guests know.

Actually we wrote a blog article on What To Wear to a Wedding. Do read it!

7) What time to put on our Wedding Invitations?

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Everybody, if left to their devices, would be late to every dang thing. So embrace the rule that every man who’s served national service follows:

“Rush to wait and wait to rush.”

On your invite, have the start time be 30-45 minutes before you want the reception to begin. That being said, please have something for them to do whilst their there. Provide some light refreshments and tea or coffee. These are powerful social tools that encourage mingling and relax everyone.

8) What are Save-the-Dates?

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These are a fun way to get your guests to mark their calendars. These serve as a helpful heads-up for the invited guest who have to make travel or accommodation arrangements. These are normally sent after you have decided on a wedding date and venue.

9) What is the difference between a save-the-date and a Wedding Invitation?

The biggest difference is that the first is meant to each invited guest on notice, while the second is the actual invite. So, think about the save-the-date as the reservation and the invite as the confirmation. For that reason, save-the-dates are sent first!

10) Should we include our registry information on our invitations or save-the-dates?

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For the love of God, please no!

Including registry information on the wedding invitations or save-the-dates is considered impolite. It definitely sends the vibe that you're inviting them to ask for gifts. A graceful solution to this would be to put your registry information on your wedding website.

Alternatively, if you’re having a wedding shower, you can put your registry information on those invitations.

11) What are the invitations you should be aware of?

a) Engagement Party Invitations

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Oftentimes, a couple's parents or close friends will throw an engagement party where the couple announces the big news. It is custom to keep it a secret and announce the engagement during a toast. But, there are those who send out invitations with the purpose stated on it.

You might want to do this as soon after the engagement as possible. You want to be able to keep the excitement there when the announcement happens. But knowing most of our millennial readers, you might’ve streamed the proposal on IG beforehand.

So if you want to keep it a surprise, ensure the reveal comes during or after the party. Not before.

b) Bridal Shower Invitations

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If it isn’t obvious enough, this normally occurs after wedding plans have materialised. The maid of honor or another good friend is normally the one in charge. The bridesmaids are also accessories to celebrating the bride-to-be.

But please only invite folks invited to the wedding. As such , keep the bridal shower to an intimate group of friends and family. Avoid a big blowout with dozens of friends. Talk it over with the maid of honor to find out what she has in mind.

You should send your invites out 6-8 weeks before the event.

c) Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Invitations

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It can be a trip somewhere overseas and it can be held locally. These parties are for the bride's and groom's best friends to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Everyone you send a party invitation to should also be invited to the wedding. Do send the invite by call or email a month in advanced.

d) Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

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They say practice makes perfect. That’s what the rehearsal dinner is for! The rehearsal dinner usually takes place the night before the wedding and after the ceremony rehearsal. Normally, your wedding planner helps organize the sequence of events.

If you’re interested in one, we’ve compiled Singapore’s A-Listers here:

Normally, close family members and anyone participating in the wedding ceremony should be there. This includes your officiant, important guests plus their spouses or dates. If you’re feeling really generous, invite your out-of-town guest. Send these invites three to six weeks in advance.

12) Wedding Thank You Cards

Just as mother taught us when we were young, “say thank you”.

You should indeed send thank you notes for all the gifts received before, during and after the wedding. It’s generally polite to send a thank you note the day after receiving the gift. Do use snail mail and enclose it in an envelope as its more meaningful. An email is a tad too impersonal.


In Conclusion…

There’s a lot to think about when sending out your wedding invitations so plan accordingly. Remember the who, what, when and where’s of the invite. If you find your invite list is wayyyy too long, bring the why question in.

It is your special day and you don’t want people who don’t need to be there to.. well.. be there.

Your wedding is supposed to be a fun time with the people you care for and love. Don’t forget that that want to be there as much as you do. So give them ample time to respond to all the wedding shenanigans and happy planning😊

Lastly, engage your ideal Wedding Live Band for your wedding to make it memorable for you and your guests!


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