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Top 20 Solemnizers in Singapore - The Best Guide to Solemnizations! (Updated 2024!)

Top 20 Solemnizers in Singapore


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It’s come the day to finally for you to be wedded to your other half before your dearly beloved! Surely a ceremony is in order – one that timestamps the beginning of your lives together. THAT, dear readers, is called a solemnization!

What is a Solemnization and its Meaning?

Couple having a Solemnization in Singapore

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Strictly speaking, a solemnization is the act of your official wedding ceremony to affect a marriage. In Singapore, the solemnization typically kickstarts the wedding day. This differs between various rites and religions but one thing remains constant: the need for a solemnizer.

Fortunately, our Registry of Marriage (ROM) has plenty of officiants who are more than willing to volunteer their time. But before listing them, let’s dig a little into the things you need to know.

What is the Solemnization Process?

Solenization in Singapore

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First, you’ll have to produce your marriage licence for the solemnizer to proceed. After verifying your documents and identities, they will confirm that your union is formed willingly. At this juncture, it is customary to exchange rings.

To formalise the marriage, the groom, bride, 2 witnesses and solemnizer will sign on the marriage certificates. At the end of the ceremony, the solemnizer will pronounce the couple “man and wife.” Then, in an ideal world, church bells will toll, choirs will sing, and relatives will cry tears of joy!

What Qualifies Someone as a Witness?

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Preferably someone you know that is above 21 years of age!

What is the Dress Code for a Solemnization Ceremony?

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This depends on where you decide to conduct the ceremony. If you are heading down to ROM, please dress appropriately. As it is a SOLEMNization, it prerequisites appropriate attire! Gents, please wear shirt and pants. Ladies, come in formal womenswear and in appropriate footwear.

ROM makes a point of saying that they can decline to solemnize your marriage if the dress code is not adhered to. So please don’t let a simple thing ruin your big day! This applies for a solemnization that is conducted both at ROM and at another venue.

These officiants take their responsibilities seriously and so should you! The theme of your wedding can be different, but it shouldn’t defile the sanctity of marriage. Keep it fun but keep it respectable!

Who should attend the Solemnization?

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It goes without saying that the bride and the groom should be in attendance. Accompanying them should be two witnesses and a licensed solemnizer. We strongly recommend that your family and friends also be present to share in this special moment.

What should we bring for the Solemnization?

Solemnization at Hotel

If your solemnization is at the ROM, please bring along your original NRICs for citizens and Passports for foreigners. Your witnesses are also required to bring those along. Optionally, you can bring your wedding rings for exchange.

If your solemnization venue is not at the ROM, remember to bring your marriage certificates and marriage licence. Without this, your solemnizer cannot proceed. The ROM strongly advises you review the instructions in your Summary of Notice of Marriage.

How Much Ang Pow to Give Solemnizer?

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Solemnizers do not charge for their services but it’s always nice to show appreciation. This varies from couple to couple but it is courteous to give them an Ang Bao. This shows appreciation for their time and effort to officiate your wedding.

Now for the question on all our minds; “How much to give?”

That is entirely up to you. However, we do have 2 guidelines. First, give from your heart. Someone who does important work for free deserves to feel good occasionally right? Second, if you are unsure of the amount, don’t be afraid to ask how much he/she usually receives. In most cases, it is a common practice to give $100-$200 of Ang Pow to the Solemnizer.

Should My Solemniser Stay For The Wedding Banquet?


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Solemnisers normally don’t stay and it’s not customary for you to invite them to stay. That doesn’t stop you from extending the invite to them though! There are solemnizers that would love to stay so double check with them if they wish or expect to join in.

Considerations When Choosing your Solemnizer

Wedding Solemnization

There isn’t a rule book out there on how to choose your solemnizer. As the saying goes - “there’s someone for everyone out there”. Every solemniser has their own way of going about a solemnisation so it is best you consult with them before anything.

Some trim the fat and some love storytelling, it’s up to you to decide which you prefer. The important selection criteria is not what they say but how they say it! Below are some important considerations you may want to think about!

a) Is your Solemnizer Humourous?

You don’t want your solemnization to be a bore but you also don’t want it to be comedy routine. Ensure that your solemnizer creates the correct balance for you. Consult with your solemnizer and let them know where to reign it in or turn it loose.

b) Is your Solemnizer Bilingual?

Not all of our dearly beloved will be an English speaking crowd. Sometimes, bilingualism is essential in helping achieve a common understanding! If most your relatives only speak their mother tongue, be sure to get a solemnizer that speaks it!

c) What is your Religion?

Different religions have different rites and practices. It makes sense that you would get a solemnizer that can execute your wedding accordingly. Feel free to consult with your religious institution if they have registered solemnizers!

Important Things to Remember When Meeting Your Solemnizer

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Your solemnizer plays an important role in your marriage. As such there is a certain level of respect that ought to be paid to them. So here are a few things you may want to be aware of.

Extend the invitation to your solemnizer personally; a personal touch nice! Ensure that your solemnizer speaks the language you wish you conduct your solemnization in. Details like this can be covered in a pre-meeting with them where you can discuss preparation.

On the day itself, do your solemnizer the courtesy of being punctual! If your solemnization is not at the ROM, please do receive your solemnizer personally at the venue. It’s the small things that let them know you appreciate them


Top 20 List of Solemnizers in Singapore

Every solemnization is unique in its own way; small differences make it your own. That means you’ll need the right solemnizer for the job and we’ve taken the liberty to group them for you! Here is a contact list of the top 20 we know of. Feel free to get in touch with them!

1. Mr Cheong Khim Teck

Language Spoken: English and Mandarin

Contact Number: 67587117 (O) / 96626221 (M)


Licence expiring on: 31 December 2025

2. Mr Chia Ah Sah

Language Spoken: English

Contact Number: 9665 1614 (M)

Licence expiring on: 31 December 2020

3. Rev Chiu Ming Li

Language Spoken: English

Contact Number: 6256 4298 (O)

Licence expiring on: 30 June 2024

4. Mr. Chung Tang Fong, William

Language Spoken: English, Mandarin

Contact Number: 9672 9312 (M)


Licence expiring on: 30 June 2021

5. Mdm. Foo Siew Fong

Language Spoken: English, Mandarin

Contact Number: 9737 0301 (M)

Licence expiring on: 31 December 2023

6. Mr Fong Yoong Kheong

Language Spoken: English, Mandarin


Licence expiring on: 30 June 2023

7. Mr. Hodge Winston James

Language Spoken: English


Licence expiring on: 31 June 2022

8. Mdm. Hsu Phillips

Language Spoken: English, Mandarin

Contact Number: 9625 1557 (M)

Licence expiring on: 31 December 2022

9. Jasbir Singh (Dr)

Language Spoken: Punjabi, English, Malay

Contact Number: 6760 6490 (H) / 6694 5096 (O) / 9007 2747 (M)

Licence expiring on: 31 December 2023

10. Mr. Leow, Sunny (LTC (RET))

Contact Number: 6385 6583 (H) / 9450 1408 (M)

Licence expiring on: 30 June 2023

11. Ms. Lim Lay Choo Jennifer

Language Spoken: English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese

Contact Number: 6538 1300 (O) / 9182 2168 (M)


Licence expiring on: 31 December 2023

12. Ms. Portilla, Joanna

Language preferred: English, Mandarin

Contact Number: 9101 1935 (M)


Licence expiring on: 31 December 2021

13. Mr Chandra Mohan K Nair (BBM, PBM, JP)

Language Spoken: English

License Expiring: 31 December 2025

Contact: 6539 1621 / 9675 0455

14. Dr Phua Tan Tee

Language Spoken: English, Mandarin

License Expiring: 30 June 2023

Contact: 6753 1028 / 6731 9575

15. Ms Jennifer Lim Lay Choo

Language Spoken: English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese

License Expiring: 31 December 2023

Contact: 6538 1300 / 9182 2168

16. Ranjit Singh S/O Karnal Singh (MR)

Language Preferred: English, Punjabi

License Expiring: 30 Jun 2024

Contact: 97804731

17. Rajakumaran S/O Krishna Nair (MR), PBS

Language Preferred: English, Tamil, Malay, Malayalam

License Expiring: 31 Dec 2023

Contact: 93831075

18. Karunanithy S/O Ramasamy (DR), BBM, PBM

Language preferred: English, Tamil

License Expiring: 31 December 2022

19. Dr Shirley Low

Language Spoken: English, Mandarin

License Expiring: 31 December 2023

Contact: 9636 5477

20. Mr Alex Lee Ka But (BPM, PBM, JP)

Language Spoken: English, Mandarin

License Expiring: 31 December 2020

Contact: 6282 9176 / 9696 0521

What Gives a Solemnization Meaning?

Marriage Solemnization in Singapore Hotel

It is quite the responsibility to commit the rest of your life to someone else willingly. It means more that you’ll do it before people that can hold you accountable. To what exactly? To the “I Do” that means till death do you part.

What really gives a solemnization meaning is the promise you’ll make to your spouse. Rarely are things as beautiful as the commitments you make. It is those things that give you an opportunity to define yourself and each other.

So get out there and start writing vows; your solemnizer is waiting to pronounce you man and wife!

Also, check out our blog on Wedding Vows to discover the secrets to writing the best and most memorable Wedding Vow for your Solemnization!

As always, we hope you found this list informative and happy planning!

Lastly, engage your ideal Wedding Live Band for your wedding to make it memorable for you and your guests!



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