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Mei Lian

Mei Lian

Singer . Emcee

English  Mando Canto  Hokkien

Meilian Aedan Daniel _ Clifford Pier _ Credit _aldoariando.jpeg

An avid music lover since young, Meilian's musical path was paved from the first performance she gave during her school days, where her passion for performing kick started her part-time music career in 2002. Since then, her pure determination and perseverance kept her going stronger and has brought her performing opportunities at The Esplanade and Singapore Arts Museum on more than one occasion. 

With over 10 years of performing experience under her belt, Mei Lian is now a versatile and seasoned performer dedicating her time to music. Having performed at local establishments such as Hog's Breath Cafe, Giraffe, Temasek Club, Wala Wala, CM-PB @ Dempsey, Bar-Stop, Roomful of Blues, Balaclava, J-Bar, Timbre, she is also an active and sought-after performer in the local corporate and wedding scene, where she has established herself since 2008.

Currently a full-time musician, Mei Lian performs weekly at Beer Market, FiVE Bar and Shuffle Bistro Bar.

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