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Singer . Emcee

English Mando Canto Hokkien

Mavis has had a huge passion for music and singing since a tender age. Her proudest achievement is making it to the top 16 of a regional competition organized by CJ E&M and Fox international, tvN K-Pop Star hunt Season 2

Some of the competitions she has joined include the Ultimate Star Search Singing Competition (Finalist) and V-Singer 2012.

Being a professional vocalist, she has performed in various bars and restaurants around Singapore, including Unplugged, Starker Q, 2mm, Wheeler's Estate, 555 Villa Thai and many more!

Versatile in terms of language, Mavis is able to confidently deliver tunes in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Korean, Japanese. She's always up for a challenge to learn new songs in other languages.


Compilation of Wedding songs

Performance at Pubs

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