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Jian Wei

Jian Wei

Singer . Emcee

English  Mando  Canto  Hokkien

Jian Wei_full.jpg

Having started singing professionally at the age of 19, Jianwei has been the voice that many have looked up to.

Some of the notable performances he has performed for are being the backup vocalist for Anita Mui Tribute Concert Performance, the VIP singer for Chingay 2015, 17th Asian Television Awards Performance and many more!

He also emerged 2nd place at Mediacorp Channel 8's Power Duet singing competition《K歌2击队》

Besides that, he has also sung in popular bars such as Unplugged, 2MM Talent Hub and many more!

Trust us, his vocals will bring your entertainment to the next level! 

Jian Wei

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