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Singer . Emcee . Guitarist

English  Mando Canto  Hokkien


Isaac showed his inclination for music early in life. At the mere age of 5, he was playing melodies from TV dramas by the ear. Singing and Guitar proved to be his true love.

His wealth of singing experience includes being a resident singer in pubs such as Starker, Unplugged, Shuffle Bistro Bar, and many more!

Besides singing and performing, he is also an avid songwriter.

In 2015, Isaac's songwriting ability was recognized in the well-established MusicXpress songwriting competition 《飞乐时空 – 中文歌曲创作比赛》 jointly organized by the NTU Chinese Society, Touch Publishing and Ocean Butterflies Music. His entry 《深夜》 won Champion and kick-started his music career.

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