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Singer . Emcee

English  Mando


A singer with immense passion, Danny began his musical journey as the President of Republic Polytechnic's premier music club "Replug". Upon graduation, he embarked on his full time career as a pub singer, as well as a singer for weddings and corporate functions.

Some of the well known pubs he has sang in include: Timbre, Madmen, Bungy Bar, Beer Market, Acid Bar and many more to note!

As a wedding and corporate function singer, he has received much recognition for his unique voice that captures the audience's attention.

Some of the notable shows he has performed in include: Youth Olympic Games 2010, Esplanade Y'Fest 2012, Singapore Arts Museum National Day, and many more to date!

Some say that the unique tone of his voice captures the tonal intricacies of the ear. You have to listen to him live to understand this truly!

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