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Corporate Emcee | Host

English Mandarin

Sharlyn's undeniable "je ne sais quoi" enables her to effortlessly navigate various roles in the entertainment industry. She recently showcased her acting prowess alongside Fann Wong in Mark Lee's film, "Make It Big Big," adding her own unique charm to the project. Her enchanting voice also secured her the coveted role of vocal dubbing in Jack Neo's "Killer Not Stupid."

As a Weekend Radio DJ on Mediacorp Radio Love 972 FM, Sharlyn's bilingualism, both in writing and speaking, is a distinct advantage in her field. Her approachable demeanor and impeccable style make her a perennial favorite among clients and event organizers.

Sharlyn is a highly sought-after emcee in Singapore, recognized as the BPBA Personal Brand Winner for Best Emcee. Beyond her hosting talents, she has lent her expertise to Japan Fuji TV's "Discover Singapore" episode and brought joy to young audiences on Mediacorp Channel 8's "Happy Sunday Kids." Her emcee skills have graced events attended by distinguished figures, including President Halimah Yaccob and ex-President Dr. Tony Tan.

Sharlyn's versatility shines through in interviews with prominent personalities such as internationally renowned investor Jim Rogers, basketball legend Yao Ming, and Formula 1 racer Fernand Alonso. She has also made her mark in competitions, securing the 2nd Runner-Up position in the Talent Quest Emcee category and ranking among the Top 10 Finalists for the 933 Radio DJ Quest. In addition to her thriving career, she's embraced the role of a micro-influencer, further enhancing her presence in the media and entertainment landscape.

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