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Top 21 Wedding Favours Singapore to Show Appreciation to your Guests (Updated 2024!)


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So, you’ve planned every inch of your wedding and now you’re thinking of the extra stuff. Well, one thing to consider could be wedding favours! They are a custom touch to your special day. The best part is, it’s totally up to you! It can be reflective of you as a couple, or just something novel.

So, here’s everything you need to know about wedding favours and some places you can get them! Before we count them down, here are some basics you should know.

1) What are Wedding Favours?

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Wedding favours are tokens of appreciation given to wedding guests for attending you wedding. They’re normally given out during the ceremony or reception. Normally, they complement the theme of your wedding but it’s not always the case.

2) What is the meaning behind wedding favours?

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Wedding favours tell all your guests that you embrace their love and support. It’s a small way of saying “thank you” to family and friends. This token of appreciation goes a long way in maintaining relationships with these people.

Everyone understands that wedding favours don’t need to be expensive. It is more of a commemorative gesture. This gives your guests an extra something to take home; a fun memory of the occasion.

3) Who Gets a Favour at a Wedding?

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There’s only one rule: it’s entirely up to you. You could give it to some, give it to all or not give any out at all! Remember that it’s your day. Nobody is thinking about the gifts they’ll get to take home! You could alternatively take that money and put it into the food.

4) When should we give wedding favours?

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It depends on the sort of favour. If it’s a food item, you could give it away near the end of your event. The same goes for a takeaway gift. If it's a gift specific to theme of the wedding, feel free to leave it at their seat that they may enjoy it there and then!


5) What’s a Good Wedding Favour Idea?

Again, there are no right answers. It really depends on what you want to give. Some have been known to be extravagant and some have been simple. So, to help you resolve this, we’ve assembled a list of the top 20 places to get some!

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

a) Unique Cholocate Treats by SweetLilThings

Unique Chocolate Treats by SweetLilThings

SweetLilThings is here to bring love with their unique chocolate treats! Perfect for wedding favours, our chocolate mendiants definitely fit the bill if you are thinking of a pleasant and inviting sweet tooth to impress your guests!

Contact Details:

Contact: 9859 3115

b) Zazzle

Customized wine bottle from

Zazzle is a creator’s hub where you can find all sorts of personalized gift ideas. They’re driven by their values which are designed to help spur the artist and their art. Their dedication to creativity, heart, integrity and keeping you amazed is sure to please!

Contact Details:

c) 90s Candy Society

Nostalgia snack table from

As their name suggests, 90s Candy Society brings the nostalgia with their tidbits and sweets. Get a blast from the past with things like candied haw to candied rocks! They’ll even help sort out those sweet treats in goodie bags for you.

Contact Details:


Contact No.: 9721 1321

d) A Love Knot

Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer from

Given the current climate, we know how important hand sanitizer is. So, when soap and water is out of reach, A Love Knot has you covered with infused hand sanitizers. In the mix are pure essential oils that are anti-bacterial and smell amazing.

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 8185 5695

e) Alegant Premiums

Matching shot glasses from

Alegant Premiums was established with the passion of gift giving in mind! Everything from Wedding Favours, Corporate Gifts and Premiums, they do it all! They are inspired by the latest and greatest gifts out there and aspire to meet your unique expectations.

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 6298 0929

f) Alliance Coffee

Gift box from

Simple and fast is the name of the game with alliance coffee. They empathise with your need to sort out the important things first. As such, creating a solution that resolves both you and the recipients’ expectations is their goal. Also, if mobile coffee stations are your thing, they do that too!

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 8222 3079

g) Beau Coup

Personalized mason jar mug from

The key to Beau Coups’ success is their speciality for personalization and variety. They claim this sets them apart from the multiplicity of favour retailers. Emphasizing on the personal touch, you’re sure to find something to customize to your hearts’ desire.

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 877-988-2328

h) Favor Atelier

Boxed treats from

Its hard to beat the flair of a young and energetic design team like the one at Favor Atelier! This was all born out of a passion to create beautiful, customised, and memorable gifts. Their belief is that all wedding gifts should be pretty, delightful and a reflection of the couple!

Contact Details:

i) HoneySpree

Jars of honey wedding favours from

If you are looking to add a touch of sweetness to your wedding, Honeyspree are your people! They’re a one stop solution that’ll take care of all your gifting needs with their mini honey jars. After all, who could say no to a sweet treat to round off the night?

Contact Details:


Contact No.: 8686 2990

j) Ola Lola

Customizable baked treats from

Since 2004, Ola Lola have been on a creative buzz. They got their start in custom-made accessories and fashion apparel. By 2010, they’ve evolved into offering niche services such as custom gift trays, dessert table styling and baked goods. As a rising company, they’re worth the check out!

Contact Details:

k) Pulse Patisserie

Packet goodies from

No stranger to our listicals, Pulse Patisserie has yet again found its way on yet another. Their signature style and delicious bakes are a sure-fire way to please! Their aim is to add perspective to pastries and to change how you think something sweet should look like.

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 8339 4648

l) SG Wedding Favors

Airplane keychain with Initials from

As a team that globally sources their gifts, it’s no wonder The SG Wedding Favors is on the list. The aim of their game is to find the most unique and elegant wedding favours. Their credo is “A Gift For Everyone”, regardless of age or location!

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 9445 8819

m) The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

Tea gift box set from

This entrant is a household name in delivering premium teas to the masses! 1872 Clipper Tea Co originated with a young Ceylonese named Balage Porolis De Silva. Since then, they’ve been known for their consistency in quality, signature aroma and refined taste. The perfect gift!

Contact Details:

n) Do Me A Favour

Customized goodie jars at

Do Me A Favor, or DMAF, prioritizes the pretty with their gifts. Their aim to procure a selection of beautiful and practical favors for weddings. Rest assured that they will do their best to provide high quality and unique gifts with their dedicated in-house designers

Contact Details:

o) A Piece of Sin

Chocolate boxes from A Piece of Sin

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re looking at A Piece of Sins’ photos and can’t find the right thousand, we wouldn’t blame you. They make colorful, artisanal treats only from the freshest ingredients and it shows!

Contact Details:

p) My Wedding Favors

Custom designed glassware from

My Wedding Favors strives to help every couple prepare for their special day. They believe in the importance of small gestures like wedding favors. It speaks volumes and is rapidly becoming a bona fide tradition and act of gratitude. Best believe that if you need a gift, they have it!

Contact Details:

q) W for Wedding

Customized luggage tags from

Since 2013, WforWedding has been bringing their A game. They purvey high-quality products that match the theme of every couple's wedding. They specialize in gold foil stamping, letter pressing, embossing and laser cutting for that added customized flair.

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 8614 5139

r) Simply Wedding Favors

Anchor bottle opener from

Simply Wedding Favors prioritizes elegance, uniqueness, and affordability in their gifts. Extending a helping hand to all couples, they want to ensure your wedding goes smoothly. So, if they can help you make a big impact with something small, best believe they’ll do it well.

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 9751 8831

s) Garden Picks

Snack packs from

Founded in 2009 by Francis and Eunice, they built Garden Picks with their passion for healthy snacking. Seeing the lack in variety for healthy snacks, Green Picks wanted to fill that gap. Now, you can have these snacks to alternatives for chocolates and other sweets!

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 6659 4859

t) Sticky Singapore

Jars of Sticky’s candy from

If you grew up in Singapore, you’ll recognize Sticky! They were famous for being the first handmade rock candy store in Singapore and are now doing wedding favors! Their confectioners are some of the most experienced and can surely make whatever it is you have in mind.

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 8482 7788

u) Whipped Love

Customized jars from

Whipped Love brings an understanding of your needs with attention to detail to deliver the ideal gift! Their aim to have your wedding favors exude luxury like no other. To that end, they conceptualize, design and customize wedding favors that are in a league of their own.

Contact Details:


Lastly, get yourself a Wedding Live Band from Musical Touch to make your wedding memorable for you and your guests!

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