Top 20 Wedding Gift Ideas


  1. Bedding

  2. Coffee Press

  3. Bath Towels

  4. Home Surveillance

  5. Rocku Ultra

  6. Carry-On Luggage

  7. Smart TV

  8. Sound Bar (Speakers)

  9. iRobot (Vacuum Cleaner)

  10. Nice Crockery

  11. Wine Chiller

  12. Cocktail Set

  13. Cookbook

  14. Air Fryer Oven Cooker

  15. Blender for Healthfoods

  16. Custom Chopping Board

  17. Customized Enamel Mugs

  18. Scented Candles

  19. A Clock

  20. Personalized Pillows

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We’ve all been in that situation.

You’ve been invited to a wedding. You know you’re supposed to shop for gifts. Plot twist: you're doing this one week before the big day!

A million questions go through your head. Should I get a couple gift? Should I just get them wine? Should it be custom or personalized? It’s impossible to know what to get them before the big day.

Luckily for you, we’re here to the rescue with 20 gift ideas. Both store bought and custom!

Generic Wedding Gift Ideas

Busy as you were, I’m sure the lovely couple are understanding. You have a job and you have other responsibilities. Heck! You might even have kids.

Gifts let them know that you’re thinking about them and want the best for them. So, here are some gift ideas that any newlywed could find a use for.

To clarify, here at Musical Touch, we adopt a strict policy of honesty. None of these brands have sponsored us. We’re being entirely objective!

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas

Now we’ve come to the part of the list for the people who’ve got more time.

Firstly, congratulations on being thoughtful. Secondly, these are all gives that come from Etsy. Each item on this list are personalised gifts for the couple. This ups the thoughtfulness factor and will score you big points!

So take a gander at these useful household appliances that double as amazing personalised wedding gifts.

Top 20 Wedding Gift Ideas

1) Bedding

Every married couple is going to have a love nest. And every love nest needs a bed.

So, the most common sensical of gifts out there is a comfy set of sheets to fluff it up with. Introducing HOOGA; which takes its concept from the Danish word “hygge”.

It creates a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being.

Their goods are known for creating a warm and cosy night ahead. The color palette is neutral and contributes to an atmosphere of harmony and peace. Soft and fluffy textures are some of the key elements in the hygge concept.

So check out the Hooga Weldon Waveran Quilt Cover Set! It’s guaranteed crowd pleaser for bedding goods coming in at $109sgd.

You can find it on Lazada here

2) Coffee Press

As the saying goes, “don’t talk to me before my first cup of coffee”. Usually it’s the grumpier one between the 2! So for the “happy wife, happy life” mantra, check out the Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker.

It’s the more unique of coffee making goods; it’s Glass, makes one 1 Liter of coffee and is made of Copper. This is one of the best ideas out there for someone who wants coffee to start the day! Depending on your beans, it brews a cup of coffee in just 4 minutes.

Best of all, the beaker, filter and plunger are dishwasher safe. Making a quick brew and a quick clean. All this convenience coming in at $49.99sgd, making it the best of coffee related gifts.

You can find it at your nearest Tangs or Robinsons. Alternatively you can have it delivered to you here.

3) Bath Towels

Bed Bath & Beyond is a recent entrant into the Singapore’s retail scene. However, their fame and renown in the US has made it a retail icon everywhere. They’re known for supplying the nicest soaps and most comfortable towels.

So much so, we’d recommend it as a gift. Thus, introducing the new Haven™ Ultimate Bath Sheet.

100% cotton and machine washable, this towel is crafted with care to embody European luxury. It’s use of ultra-fine, zero twist yarn makes it the most ideal of bathroom goods. Despite a lack in variety of colours this product definitely gets the job done with maximum comfort.

You can find the Haven Bath sheet at Bed Bath and Beyond or have it shipped to you here for just $79.99sgd.

4) Home Surveillance

As we know in Singapore, the BTO is a sign of the engagement before the ring. And if they have a home, they’ll need security. As such, the most practical of gift ideas is a security system.

Introducing the Google Nest Cam (Indoor).

This is a wired Indoor Camera for Home Security. It can be controlled with your phone. This also allows one to get mobile alerts and keep watch 24/7. It communicates with your handheld device via Wi-Fi and is equipped with night vision.

Getting quickly into other specifications, it records HD 1080p video with 130 degree wide angle view. Making it easy for them to keep an eye on things (especially during the honeymoon).

So if you think this is the gift to get, you can get it here on Amazon at a reasonable price of $121sgd.

5) Roku Ultra

Not every date night is a night out in town. Sometimes, its pizza and binging a series or 2! So, what better way to give them every streaming service than with the Roku Ultra. It is a new streaming media player that churns out 4K, HD and HDR.

Also, for all the Marvel and Mandalorian fans out there, it also has Disney+ and Apple TV!

So snag one for them and for yourself while you’re at it!

Promising to deliver power, picture, performance, the Roku Ultra lets you stream for free. It’s got a quad-core processor and the best wireless goods built in. Roku prides itself in its brilliant picture quality. This allows you to view your favorite show in stunning detail and clarity.

This set is available to you on Amazon and you can purchase it here for just $99.99sgd.