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Open Farm Community Wedding - All You Need to Know (2024 Updated!)

open farm community wedding

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In November 2023, I had the pleasure of attending a wedding at the Open Farm Community. It was an experience that has stuck with me due to its charm and uniqueness. Unlike traditional wedding venues, Open Farm Community offers a refreshing twist in its food and beverage offerings. The food here is far from your typical wedding banquet; it's a surprising fusion of unexpected flavours that blend well, and all the ingredients are locally sourced. The freshly made drinks matched the food in creativity and taste, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the event. Let's just say, they have the best ginger ale I've ever tasted in my life.

The venue itself has a warm, welcoming vibe that's perfect for young families with children. Its thoughtful design integrates the beauty of nature with modern, comfortable amenities, making it an inviting place for guests of all ages. A particular highlight for kids is the outdoor playground, which ensures that even the youngest guests have a memorable day. However, a word of advice to the parents of these kids: stand in the shade while they play. It can get HOT out there.

From the beautiful greenery surrounding the dining area to the friendly, laid-back atmosphere, Open Farm Community truly redefines what a wedding can be. In this all-you-need-to-know guide, we'll cover the most commonly asked questions about weddings at Open Farm Community, venue details, packages and pricing, and a client testimonial. If you're strapped for time, jump straight to the FAQ section for a brief overview of your needed information.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Open Farm Community Weddings

1. What venues are available for weddings at Open Farm Community?

Open Farm Community offers two main venues for weddings:

  • Main Indoor Area: This air-conditioned space can accommodate up to 70 guests and is suitable for various setups, including wedding receptions.

  • Outdoor Deck: This sheltered outdoor space surrounded by lush greenery is perfect for intimate celebrations. It can seat up to 40 guests.

  • Do note that a full buyout of the entire venue is required for weekend lunch events.

2. What types of wedding packages does Open Farm Community offer?

Open Farm Community provides several dining packages for weddings:

  • Three-Course Meal: Priced at $88++ per person.

  • Four-Course Meal: Priced at $118++ per person.

  • Five-Course Meal: Priced at $148++ per person.

  • Open Farm Feast Sharing Meal: A communal dining option at $128++ per person, ideal for a more relaxed and social dining experience.

3. How much does a wedding cost at Open Farm Community?

Weddings at Open Farm Community have a minimum spending requirement of $15,000++ for lunch and $16,000++ for dinner. The final cost will depend on the chosen package, guest count, and additional services or amenities selected.

4. What amenities are included in the wedding packages at Open Farm Community?

Wedding packages at Open Farm Community typically include:

  • Food and Beverages: A selection from customised meal options, ranging from three to five courses, or a shared feast.

  • Venue Setup: Use of the main indoor area or the outdoor deck, equipped with necessary facilities such as air conditioning, sound systems, and seating arrangements.

  • Additional Services: Options for floral arrangements, photography, and music, which can be tailored to the couple's preferences. Specific details and arrangements can be coordinated with the venue's event team.

5. Are there any special considerations for weddings at Open Farm Community?

Yes, Open Farm Community places a strong emphasis on sustainability and farm-to-table dining. The venue encourages the use of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, and its setting is ideal for couples looking for a wedding that integrates these elements into their celebration. Additionally, the venue is pet-friendly, allowing couples to include their paw partners on their special day.

For more detailed information on planning your wedding at Open Farm Community, you can reach out to their events team by following this link.


Brief History of Open Farm Community

open farm community wedding venue

Open Farm Community is a pioneering project established by Cynthia Chua, the founder and CEO of the Spa Esprit Group. It is the first urban farm and restaurant concept in Singapore, launched with a vision to reconnect city dwellers with their food by highlighting the process from farm to table. The concept was introduced to address the growing disconnection between people and their food sources, fostering greater appreciation and understanding of food's origins.

The venue is situated on a 35,000-square-foot compound in Dempsey. It is known for its tranquillity and rich historical backdrop, including its past life as a nutmeg plantation and later as British and Japanese military barracks. Today, Open Farm Community serves as a dining venue and a community space where visitors can engage directly with the food production process, participate in gardening workshops, and enjoy the green, open spaces that offer a slice of agricultural life in the heart of Singapore.

This innovative hub is dedicated to showcasing local and regional produce, utilising them in creative and sustainable ways in the kitchen. The aim is to educate and inspire visitors by creating a direct link between the natural environment and the dining experience, making Open Farm Community a unique destination that offers much more than just a meal.


The Wedding Venues at Open Farm Community

Open Farm Community offers a charming and versatile setting for weddings, with indoor and outdoor options. The venue uniquely blends urban sophistication with the tranquility of nature, accommodating up to 110 guests across two main areas: the Main Indoor and Outdoor Deck.

Main Indoor Area

open farm community wedding indoor area

The Main Indoor area is air-conditioned and can seat up to 70 guests. It's equipped for various events, including workshops and media events. They have facilities like a projector and screen setup available. This space is particularly suitable for intimate wedding receptions and can be exclusively booked for private events. Do note that a full buy-out is required for all weekend lunch event bookings

Outdoor Deck

open farm community wedding outdoor venue

Adjacent to the Main Indoor area, the Outdoor Deck offers a sheltered outdoor dining space surrounded by nature. This area can seat up to 40 guests and is equipped with air coolers and fans, making it ideal for intimate group celebrations. Like the indoor area, a full buy-out is required for all weekend lunch event bookings.

Solemnisation Venue

open farm community wedding solemnisation venue

For couples looking to exchange vows outdoors, there is a specially designated lawn area within the landscaped garden. This space epitomises the venue's connection with nature and includes complimentary use of a table and 25 gold Tiffany chairs, though decorations are not provided.


Wedding Packages and Pricing at Open Farm Community

Open Farm Community offers a selection of curated wedding packages with dining options that emphasise their farm-to-table philosophy.

3-Course Meal:

  • Priced at $88++ per person.

  • Includes dishes like Pan Roasted Chicken and Roasted Barramundi, with a Deconstructed Cheesecake for dessert.

4-Course Meal:

  • Priced at $118++ per person.

  • Additional course includes Seared Hokkaido Scallops, along with the standard offerings from the 3-course menu.

5-Course Meal:

  • Priced at $148++ per person.

  • Features a luxurious lineup including Spice Crusted Quail and Braised Short Rib, in addition to the 4-course selections.

Open Farm Feast Sharing:

  • $128++ per person.

  • Each table of five will receive one of each dish, with desserts served individually.

  • This shared dining experience includes Pan Roasted Chicken, Assorted Tomato Salad, and Roasted Barramundi, among other selections.

Beverage Options:

  • Non-Alcoholic Package: Includes a selection of handcrafted juices and mocktails for $35++ per person.

  • Standard Drinks Package: Offers a mix of non-alcoholic beverages, wines, and beer for $75++ per person.

  • Premium Drinks Package: Includes the above plus a selection of spirits for $95++ per person.

Canapé Selections:

For a more casual or supplementary catering option, Open Farm Community offers a range of canapés:

  • 3 Canapés: $25++ per person

  • 6 Canapés: $50++ per person

  • 9 Canapés: $75++ per person

  • Ala Carte Canapés: $4++ per piece with a minimum order of 25 pieces.


  • Wine: $40++ per bottle

  • Champagne: $50++ per bottle

  • Spirits: From $150++ per bottle

  • Beer: $175++ per 10L keg. Customers have to bring their own tap and tank.


Client Testimonial

This client testimonial is interesting, as I attended the wedding and am quite close to the couple that held their wedding at Open Farm Community. So you can rest assured that they provided their most honest opinions of the venue. I spoke to the bride, Jean, about her experience there, and she shared a little bit about the service quality, decor and ambience, food and drinks, and pricing.

Service Quality

Jean experienced mixed levels of service. While the external wedding coordinator didn’t quite meet their expectations, the in-house staff were great and provided adequate service. The manager made a thoughtful gesture by offering a complimentary dessert for their next visit, leaving a pleasant impression.

Decoration & Ambience

Jean, who likes outdoor venues, appreciated the al fresco setting at Open Farm Community. However, Jean suggests that future customers bring mosquito repellent for their own comfort. The indoor venue, while mosquito-free, had varying seating capacities at different tables, which should be a consideration for seating arrangements.

Food & Drinks

The food received positive remarks for both quality and portion size. For beverages, Jean chose the non-alcoholic $35++ per person homemade juice package, which was generally good; however, she noted that some juice options ran out before the end of the meal. Another minor drawback was the lack of soft drink options, limiting guests to juices, alcohol, coffee, or tea.


Jean noted that the pricing at Open Farm Community was expensive relative to what's included. The different food and beverage packages tend to add up. Additionally, the decor, flowers, and similar necessities had to be managed and paid for separately, unlike some inclusive packages offered at other wedding venues, which added to the overall expense. Having said that, Jean still felt that the unique venue and food quality provided good value. This is especially true for those seeking a non-traditional wedding venue with an emphasis on sustainability.

Overall, Jean's feedback reflects a balanced view of her experience, highlighting both the charms and areas for improvement at Open Farm Community. It is a valuable reference for couples considering this venue for their special day.



And that's everything you need to know about hosting your wedding at Open Farm Community. Overall, my own experience was that it was generally pleasant and interesting, although I can echo Jean's feelings about her external wedding coordinator. Perhaps the thing I enjoyed the most at their wedding was their wedding live band. They had an acoustic duo performing throughout the afternoon, and it truly added a lot to the overall ambience.

If you'd like to have a live band at your wedding too, be sure to reach out to us at Musical Touch!

Additionally, if Open Farm Community isn't what you're looking for, check out our article on the Top 20 Wedding Venues in Singapore for more wedding venue options.


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