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How to Write a Proposal Speech

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They say that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. That’s kind of true, it all depends on how you ask it. Similarly, your proposal speech isn’t just about what words you use, it’s also about how you use those words.

So, if you’re getting down on one knee while holding a ring box, this is for you! Before the wedding, your engagement should be an unforgettable occasion. So here is a quick low down on things to consider and what to say to your partner!

Remember that these are just the basics! You’ve got to freestyle a little to make it yours.


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First, a Brief History Lesson on the Proposal

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The origin of the proposal being on one knee is a little muddy. There is some truth in the idea that this proposal was inspired by medieval courtly love. Sort of like a public declaration of his devotion to his betrothed through a gold ring.

Kneeling was also a symbol of reverence and respect at the time. So, it made sense that if one was to propose, they’d lay aside their pride. But, as much as we had scoured the internet, we couldn’t find anything to back this up.

Nonetheless, what matters is that this tradition still exists and is in practice.

Things to consider

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You could be the perpetual visage of calm, cool and collected. But a proposal speech is sure to change that. You’re spilling your heart to the one you love and asking for her hand in marriage!

So, here are some things to think about before you take a knee. We hope this gives you some ideas on how to be better prepared do you don’t fumble the speech. Or, worse still, fumble what could be the best day for your partner.

Planning is Key

This can do the trick especially if you’re the nervous sort. So, before planning your speech, think about what you want to say. In a sense, think about what you want to tell your partner.

If it comes from the heart, there’s no need for over-rehearsal. You’re just telling your partner the truth about how you feel. Once you know what you want to say, it has to make sense. Finding the words is one thing, saying the words is something else.

You shouldn’t babble and your speech should have a flow to it.

Lead Up to the Question

Nothing is less romantic than just cutting to the chase. Especially if it’s a surprise and they don’t see it coming, set it up by reminiscing. Use a story or anecdote that captures the essence of your love for each other.

If you need ideas, think about the last time you shared a tear with your partner. Or ponder the moment you knew it was love between you both. Say something that communicates what makes your relationship yours.

Practice isn’t Everything

Practice does make perfect. But, in this instance, you do not want your proposal coming off robotic. Your speech needs a degree of imperfection to know it comes from the heart. We don’t mean to break it down like a science.

However, the truth is this: your nervousness should come through a little. It’s a little ironic that the perfect proposal doesn’t require perfect delivery of your speech. That being said, you should practice the flow of your speech and remember what you intend to say.

Polish on your speech is good. But, too much and it’s shiny. Y’know... like a robot?

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Emotional

There is no preparing you for this. If your partner means all you say they do, this proposal will mean something to you. Fair warning: you might get swept away by it.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. If you must, let the tears flow as you let them know how much they mean to you. Through that, your partner will understand beyond the ring what they mean to you.

Being emotional during your proposal, as with your wedding, is a great thing!

Honor Tradition or Something New

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram, you’ve no doubt seen proposal ideas. Some are extravagant and bold. Others are simple and down to earth. You should also consider how that affects your speech.

As an added bonus, carry this through to your wedding too! Speeches don’t stop once you’ve been engaged you know?

What To Say In Your Proposal Speech?

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Now that we’ve ran through the tips, it’s time to give you ideas on what to say during your proposal speech. These are specific items worth working in to give your speech some volume.

You don’t have to include everything on this list. However, these are tried and true mentions that add to the authenticity of your proposal. You’ll want to include these as much as possible to up the emotional factor!

What Were Your First Impressions?

As we’d said before, don’t be afraid to reminisce. Think about the first time you laid eyes on your partner. Were you awestruck by their beauty? Amazed at your shared passions? Dumbfounded by their intellect?

Make mention to these things. It’s an opportunity to shower them with compliments or tease them a little. Highlight your first impression of your partner and talk about how it’s changed or what’s stayed the same.

It’s a romantic way to track your time together.

When Did You Realize They’re “The One”?

When did the realization hit you that you'd found the one? It’s a great way to segue from your first impressions into what makes your partner right for you. As this was a pivotal moment for you, don’t hesitate to go into incredible detail.

Truthfully, your partner may not remember the moment you speak of. So detail is important. Paint the picture and set the scene. It’ll put them in your shoes and help them understand the gravity of the moment.

How Has Your Life Changed?

OBVIOUSLY DO NOT SAY HOW IT GOT WORSE. You’re proposing, not reviewing your partner.

Focus on how much better your life is now that your partner is in it. If you want to, talk about how great your engagement could be too. You can rope in quotes of advice they’ve given you. Maybe even quotes from times they’ve cheered you up.

Knowing how your life has changed frames how important your partner is to you. That’s not something anyone has a full grasp on until its expressly mentioned! So let them know.

What About Them Inspires You?

This is different from the previous section in 2 ways.

Firstly, the previous section talks about the difference in your quality of life. That exists in the past. Though it may have brought about your renaissance, inspiration is something present and continuous.

Second, this is an opportunity to talk about your partners winning traits. More accurately, the traits that win you over every day. It could be consistent acts of service, their career drive or their commitment to your relationship.

Take your pick! But ensure that it accurately represents them. Rope in how you think your marriage and wedding will go for good measure!

What Are Your Shared Goals and Values?

Take this time to highlight things that are important to both of you. This can be the plans you've discussed for the future or perspective on things. This emphasizes why you're a perfect match and why they’re “the one”.

Your partner will take solace in the fact that, if nothing else, your similarities bind you both. It’s important to remind each other that your love exists for a reason. This point is especially good for a proposal speech.

But, The Most Important Proposal Speech Tip?

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It’s got to sound like you.

Movies have done us no favours when they move us with proposal speeches. You could rattle of some movie quotes that send your partner reeling. But, they’re mostly empty.

Also, it can be tempting consult Google or social media for ideas. But, it may be a disservice to you. Reading about other speeches can give you ideas. Inspiration is key to making it interesting. But, don’t use those ideas verbatim for your own speech.

Follow the steps above and you should find your own rhythm and pace. Most of all, you’ll find what needs to be said that makes your proposal speech unique!

So, ladies and gents, all the best with the speech. We’re sure they’ll say yes!

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