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Singer . Emcee . Guitarist

English  Mando Canto  Hokkien

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Jean is a singer-guitarist, whose vocal richness and range, has been known to engage her audience with charming renditions of their favourite tunes. 

An alumnus of the Singapore Polytechnic Jazz Band, she was selected to be a part of Esplanade's Bright Young Things jazz mentorship programme in 2012. She has also had an EP, Right Where We Started (2013), recorded with her former Pop/Rock band Victoria Street, and has performed on well-known stages such as The Esplanade Outdoor Theatre & Recital Studio, as well as Coliseum at Sentosa.


She has matured from these experiences and now enjoys performing English & Mandarin Top 40s, Jazz and Evergreens in pubs.


Some of the venues she has performed at include Lenoir MBS, Starker, Stage and Unplugged.

Catch her singing and you will be mesmerized by her voice!

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