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James Yang

Corporate Emcee / Host

With the experience of being an Emcee in Singapore & abroad for over a decade, Emcee James Yang is the very definition of versatility. From formal ceremonies, casual corporate events, wedding ceremonies, and informal dinners to hosting simple game shows, James is renowned for his ability to adapt within any setting.

Call it a born intuition or the experience of emceeing so many events, this emcee has a knack for creating an instant connection with his audience.

His immaculate sense of comic timing and his quick-witted comebacks delivered to the audience is essentially what sets him apart from other emcees. Go ahead and ask anyone who has seen him emcee and they will be full of praise for the talent he possesses. 

Another unique skill that James has developed through years of experience emceeing in Singapore and has at his disposal – is the ability to make every guest feel part of the session. Be it a live event of 100 room-filled guests or that of a virtual event live-streamed to 10,000 guests, he will be sure to engage the audience as a whole whilst interacting with those with web-cams turned on. His events are usually fast-paced, intense, built to a climax and then to a wrap-up, leaving no room for dullness.

Over the years, James has become synonymous with being the Singapore emcee who is engaging, entertaining and empathetic. His professionalism and growing reputation have graced him with the opportunities to be flown overseas, just to host the event or wedding ceremony.

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