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Musical Touch


Max Alakh


DJ Music


Max Alakh, widely recognized as DJ Max, boasts an illustrious career spanning over a quarter-century in the entertainment industry. With humble beginnings that saw him electrify dancefloors at venues like Sparks, TGIF, Brannigans, and several other intimate clubs in his early years, Max has since evolved into a prominent figure in the world of corporate events.

Today, DJ Max specializes in curating unforgettable experiences for renowned corporate entities, collaborating seamlessly with top-notch emcees. His diverse portfolio includes orchestrating events of every caliber, from high-profile product launches and elegant dinners to lively parties, milestone birthdays, prestigious awards ceremonies, vibrant festivals, captivating roadshows, exhilarating sports events, informative conferences, and cherished weddings.

What sets DJ Max apart is his ability to captivate audiences with a versatile musical repertoire that spans across genres, effortlessly navigating through R&B, chart-topping hits, electrifying EDM, uplifting fanfares, and a plethora of other musical styles.

Max Alakh, aka DJ Max, is your ultimate choice for turning any occasion into an unforgettable celebration.

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