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Jia Qing

Jia Qing

Singer . Emcee . Guitarist

English  Mando  Canto


From singing to playing the guitar, Jia Qing has it all as one of the most versatile performers one can find.

Having obtained his diploma of performing arts in Erhu at the age of 13, he has been pursuing his career as a full-time musician ever since he completed his National Service.

As a singer, he has performed in some of the largest clubs in Singapore such as St James Shanghai Dolly, Luxi. Other bars and bistros include Shuffle bistro bar, Unplugged Singapore, 555 Thai Villa, OBar, Switch by timbre and many more, where his audiences never fail to return for more of his performances.

In 2013, he acted as one of the lead roles in his first movie debut "That Girl In Pinafore" as CaoGen, alongside with Julie Tan, Daren Tan, Hayley, Jayley Woo and Qiu Fengze which was screened in all cinemas islandwide and in Asia.

Jia Qing was a guest performer at Singapore Compass Awards 2013 and emerged as top 8 of StarHub Hear Me Sing competition in 2016. He was also selected to represent Singapore to compete in regional competition "The Voice 决战好声”, featuring coaches Gary Cao, Della, Sky Wu and Hanjin in 2017.

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