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Singer . Emcee

English  Mando  Canto  Hokkien


At a young age of 19, Jerome started his journey as a performer. He was later invited to perform at the Music Dreamer Café (爱情海民歌餐厅), and once he started, it became a decade-long journey there as a singer.

Throughout these years, he chose to believe in himself and in his dreams. This solo EP album Nuan Nuan Shou 《暖暖手》 was the product of his many years of perseverance, and was created with the help of his like-minded friends and musicians. Jerome desires to share his ardent love for singing with everyone around him, hoping that the music that drives his life would be able to inspire others to reach for their dreams as well. This EP marks a milestone in Jerome’s musical journey, and is the doorway to many musical possibilities in the future.

A Germini by zodiac, he is lively and energetic on stage, never failing to liven up the atmosphere wherever he performs, entertaining the crowd with his fun and witty banter. As a singer, he transforms into a soulful crooner, tugging at the heartstrings of his audience with his distinctive and emotive vocals.

He has also been invited to perform live regularly on radio stations such as FM933, FM972 and FM958.

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