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Pop . Jazz . Rock . Evergreen


Roger began his musical journey at an impressionable age of 5 as an electone organist.

He currently gigs regularly at various renowned music bars and public forums, including 2mm Talent Hub, J Bar, The Red Lantern, Tipsy Penguin, the Courtyard @ Westgate and subs occasionally at O Bar, Shuffle, Unplugged and Starker.

He was also involved in events the likes of reunion concerts for Campus Superstar Season 1 to 3 contestants, Shine Youth Festival, CDC New Year countdown, in addition to covering weddings and Corporate D&D for banks.

In his earlier years, while dabbling in the English scene, Roger had the opportunity to play at various clubs and night spots, including Balaclava, Muddy Murphy’s, Beer Market, and Wala Wala. He was also previously a keyboardist at Dragonfly, St James Power Station.

Performance at Mall

We provide professional musicians for Weddings and Corporate Events.

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