Felicia (Li En)

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*** Musical Touch's Exclusive ***

A BUBBLY Singer to 

SWEETEN your event...

Rated one of the most popular singers in venues like Switch by Timbre,


Your guests will be delighted having a bright bubbly singer sweetening your event's atmosphere!

Who is Felicia (Li En)?

More than a Singer for your guests...

Versatile in many different genres (English, Chinese, Classics, Kpop, R&B, Pop, Soul), and having performed at countless live performances, Felicia is certainly one singer your guests will love to connect with!

Your Guests might know her...

Some of the competitions she joined include coming in Top 14 in 2016 Hear Me Sing by Starhub, First runner up for both On-Stage competition and TGSR Cover Contest 2017 by Noise Singapore, and Best Vocal Performance for the SG:SW 2018.

Besides competitions, she has performed at various bars and cafes which include Switch by Timbre, Unplugged, Starker and many more!

A memorable voice for your Guests...

She is often described as an exuberant vocalist with a bright tone, and one with a bubbly personality which your guests would love, having your event's atmosphere sweetened up!

Reviews of Felicia (Li En)...

Check Reviews of Felicia, seeing how she'll connect with your guests!

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