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Musical Touch

Wei Tian



DJ Music


KATDAWGX is a classically trained musician with a music degree who has gravitated from the orchestra to the dance floor. Her musical mastery allows her to liven up any occasion through her thorough track curation and smooth transitions while adapting to the crowd’s reaction live.

You’d like to get your Granny or CEO dancing? Say no more! As an Open Format DJ specialising in wedding after-parties and corporate events, KATDAWGX is well-versed in genres that would match a wide range of age groups , backgrounds and overall vibes of the people on the dance floor.

Expect a high-energy mix of retro, 80s-90s dance, hip hop, top 40s all the way to house and latin beats, depending on your occasion.

You can trust KATDAWGX to understand the importance of your special event as she has the expertise in setting the right tone. Her priority lies with her clients and party guests and she strives to exceed expectations with each event.

Are you prepared to directly encounter the potency of her music?

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