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Mad Jester


DJ Music


Mad Jester started DJ-ing in 2013 when turntablism caught his attention. Within a year, he exploded into the local scene, winning local DJ competitions and most recently claiming the crown for Phuture DJ Battle 2017. With numerous titles under his belt, Mad Jester was sought after to perform in countless private events, bars as well as clubs.

With the ability to manipulate sounds using his strong turntablism background, Mad Jester has done collaborations with various music producers and hip hop artists around the region. He has also played alongside various international acts such as Beatbreaker, Bangkok Invaders, Flash Fingers, R-Wan, etc.

Currently an instructor at Singapore’s top DJ school, Ministry of DJs and Head of Entertainment for Tipsy Collective, curating the live entertainment, music & events for all outlets for the group.

An artist of few words, Mad Jester rather lets his music do the talking. With a vast knowledge on music, expect a night of open-format mixing, taking the crowd on a journey through sound as he crosses genres coupled with fanciful turntablism tricks.

Feel the Mad Jester's Magic: DJ Marcus!

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