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Singer . Emcee

English Tamil

Best known for her deep, soulful and powerhouse vocals, Dita Jacob is an Indian singer & performer, born and raised in Kuwait and is curently based in Singapore.

Dita takes her influence from a varied palette of music that includes Delta Blues, 60's Soul, and even her native Indian classical training. The result of this musical cocktail is a heady mix, making Dita's voice one not to be missed.

After relocating to Singapore in 2010 to pusue her undergraduate studies, Dita slowly began to dip her toes into the local music scene, before throwing herself into it completely in 2015.


She now regularly performs with various rock and pop cover bands at venues such as The Crazy Elephant, McGettigan's, Molly Malone's, Blu Jaz Cafe and The Barber Shop by Timbre. 


Dita has also performed at many of Singapore's iconic events including Beerfest Asia, St Patrick's Day Street Festival and The Esplanade's 'All Things New' concert series.

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Montgomery - Angels (cover)

Emily King - Sleepwalker (cover)

Tamil Performance

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