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Singer . Emcee

English Mando Canto Hokkien

A self-confessed extrovert, Averil never fails to make a great presence on stage, both for singing and for hosting. 


Some of her notable achievements under her belt was taking part in 
Mediacorp's Project Superstar Season 2, one of the largest nationwide singing competition, emerging as the top 12 candidate from over 6000 participants. 


She was also talent spotted by NBC Universal to star in their official trailer for US hit TV-series "SMASH" (video link below). Others include her being the lead singer for the official theme song of DBS Bank, "Service Sense", and more!


She has also performed in repuptable venues such as Timbre, Switch, Shuffle, Singapore Swimming Club and many more!


With the bubbly character in her, you will never know what would she could do in lighting up the moods of your event!


Compilation of Wedding songs

Jazz Quartet ft. Saxophone

Voice for SMASH Season 1 Trailer

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