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Singer . Emcee

English Mando


Asaph Leh is a multifaceted musical talent, renowned for his exceptional vocal prowess and instrumental skills. With a rich history of teaching choirs in prestigious institutions like Nanyang Junior College, Anglican High, and Pasir Ris Secondary.

In addition to his expertise in choral education, Asaph is a musician with a profound understanding of the piano and violin. As a versatile musician, Asaph can navigate the intricacies of both the piano and violin with grace and precision, making him a true virtuoso.

Asaph Leh's musical journey doesn't stop at teaching and instrumental proficiency. His journey in music has been punctuated by awe-inspiring live performances at esteemed venues like Revel, Timbre, Ichi Jinju, Coastal Acoustic, and Jbar. His powerful and emotive vocals, coupled with his instrumental dexterity, create a captivating and unforgettable connection with his audiences.

His wide genres of music includes English top 40s and Mando pop, rock, opera, musicals and jazz. He is also a vocal instrumentalist with skills like beatboxing and mouth trumpet.

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