Top 10 Wedding Themes

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So, you’re planning a wedding.

It could be yours’, it could be your best friends’. All you know is that you need to come up with a list of wedding decor themes you’ve seen in other weddings. You’re hoping all this research and planning pays off and it should!

With that in mind, let’s make things a little simpler for you shall we?

What we’ve done is scoured the web for the 10 most common décor wedding themes to inspire you. These are wedding decor themes that look good in wedding photography, please guests and style the venue. Most importantly, this is a jumping off point for something original.

In this listical, we will cover some basics and get into how each theme is presented and executed. Some couples keep it safe and stay on the beaten path. Some couples like a strong, personal touch.

It’s your job to find out which your couple would like.

What is a Wedding Theme?

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A wedding theme sets the tone for the big day. It serves as an aesthetic guide for every style decision made. As such, ensure the bride and groom are willing to commit to it.

It is from that point that all wedding décor ideas should emerge from. It is also worth considering how the theme looks like in photography.

Lock in the theme and then decide on the color palette and flower placement. But, ensure to include a personal touch! Nothing says “by the book” or “drab” like wedding décor without personality.

Let your imagination run free a little.

What Are Some Examples of Wedding Themes?

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We’ve established what they are and why you need them. Now it’s time to share a few examples with you. One important thing to remember is that you can afford to freestyle a little.

These decor themes are not set; you can take elements from one and add to another. What’s best is that it makes sense for the venue and for the couple. Everything from the color palette to the flowers has to jibe with what’s around it.

Want some tips? We'd love to share some ideas with you!


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If you want romantic themed weddings, you’re not going to want anything shocking. This décor theme has soft colors, softer lighting, and floral arrangements aplenty. Images this should conjure up are natural colors, hanging lights, and nature. Your reception should match this.

This is typically melded together with the couples idea of romance. There have been Disney-themed weddings where the couple dressed like Beauty and the Beast. Others have used the show The Crown for reference.

Either way, seek inspiration from romantic ideas that couples love.


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This theme applies more to the couple that’s a little off center. They want something different and something that deviates from the norm. Strictly speaking, there isn’t a style guide here. But typically what we see is are cool, moody color palettes and creative stand-ins.

They tend to deviate from bright floral arrangements and run-of-the-mill wedding décor. The use of warehouses and alternative wedding venues are normal. Everything fr