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Yao Zong



Pop . Rock . Classical . Evergreen


Classical music formed the foundations for Yao Zong in his formative years, picking up the piano at the age of nine, before going through the Music Elective Programme (MEP) in secondary school and Junior College. These experiences even culminated in a first prize in the inaugural TJC Piano Competition (Solo Category) back in 2007.

His zest for music has since taken him into pop and contemporary keyboarding, where he has played at big stages such as Esplanade and Golden Theatre. He also scored the opportunity to play for some of the singers from The Voice of China when they performed in Singapore.

Yao Zong currently performs at various events both as a solo pianist or as an accompanist and holds regular gigs under Starker Group and Shuffle.

Compilation of Wedding Songs

We provide professional musicians for Weddings and Corporate Events.

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