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Team Bonding Through Music

Team Anthem Team Bonding

Group Size: Up to 10,000

Duration: 15-90min

Format: Virtual / Hybrid / In-person

Objective: Purpose Definition, Team Building, Cultural Development

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Want to have a team building activity like no other? There is nothing more powerful than to bond your team with our Team Anthem!


Whether in-person or virtually, our Singapore-based team building experts can work with your audience to write a meaningful song as a collective.


With no musical or songwriting experience required, our world-class musicians (who’ve worked with some big names) will lead your people to create their very own song.


Songs can be based on your organization’s purpose and values, or the key messages of your event.


Imagine your attendees singing the song that they wrote collaboratively at the end of your conference or event, led by musicians who perform with the biggest stars on the planet!


This is an unforgettable team bonding activity that will leave everyone on a high.


Song Slam Team Bonding

Group Size: 30 – 1,000

Duration: 2-4 hrs

Format: Virtual / Hybrid / In-person

Objective: Purpose Definition, Team Building, Cultural Development, Entertainment

Team Bonding Activities Singapore.jpg

We’ve got a unique suggestion for your team building activity. Nothing unites people like a little healthy competition!


This ‘Battle of the Bands’ style team bonding activity will get your group motivated to work together as they compete to write the best song.


This highly engaging and interactive 2-4 hour workshop involves splitting into teams to create original songs. Once rehearsed, they will then perform for each other at the end of the session or even at the gala dinner.


The Song Slam can be done as a virtual experience or an in-person event featuring on-stage performances backed by a full band.


No musical experience is required, and your teams will be led by top session musicians based in Singapore who’ve worked with the biggest acts on the planet.

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