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5 Reasons to Hire a Live Band for your Event

Whether you are hosting a Wedding, a Corporate Event, or a Private Function, there are many forms of entertainment choices to choose from. Some may include having Clowns, Dancers, Magicians, Stage Actors, and many more.

While there is a plentiful amount of entertainment choices available, we are here to advise why choosing a live band for your event is one of the best choices you can make!

1) Caters to ALL Target Audiences:

Most entertainment choices cater only to a specific target audience: For example – A Hip-Hop Dance Crew usually caters to the youths, while leaving out guests of a senior age. Clowns are catered more to kids, and Magicians tend to cater more towards the specific age group that their magic is targeted to.

A live band is a different story. They usually perform for a full 90mins, and the key point is they accept all kinds of song dedications!

For that, they are able to target all age groups of listeners from young to old, as they will be singing the songs that are dedicated by the audiences.

2) Hyping your Guests:

It is said that when people have something in common, they fuse together. When a live band performs a song that is commonly known to everyone, this is when the crowd starts to fuse and immerse in it.

This encourages audience participation, which in some cases, brings your guests to the dance floor to dance together with the band.

Trust us, this will be a lovely sight!

3) Impossible to go Wrong:

Some of us may have the experience of attending an event where the organizer engaged a wrong entertainer for the setting. An example would be having a stand up comedian performing to an all-serious political conference.

Having a live band would never cause a situation like this. Our live bands range from Jazz Bands catered to high class events, to pop bands for casual settings.

You can visit our videos page to know more!

4) Cheapest in Terms of Headcount:

If you have engaged a Clown or a Magician to perform for your event, the average price of it will be upwards of $1k for a mere 30mins to an hour of performance.

For that price on the upwards of $1k, we will be able to engage a 3 piece band for a total performance time of 90mins!

This only brings us to conclude that this is value for money!

5) Straight Forward Engagement with no Fuss:

It is already a headache planning for your event, and the least you want to add on to your worries is having do more planning with an entertainment vendor. You might to do so with many forms of entertainment, and having discussions on what suits and what doesn’t.

For a live band performance, this is one that would be the least of your worries.

It is straight forward and to the point, as the live band will be able also have the option of accepting song dedications from guests, which eliminates any prior planning needed by the organizer.

With these in mind, are you hyped in engaging a live band for your Wedding Live Band, Corporate Events or Private Function?

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