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4 Tips to Choose your Wedding Live Band

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and you will want the best of everything you can get!

Here at Musical Touch, we will bring you some tips on what we are best at (after performing for 700 weddings till date), on how 5 tips to choose your ideal Wedding Live Band!

1) Genre of Music

Wedding music genres range from Top 40s English/Mando Pop, Jazz Standards, Rock, Classic Oldies and many more. So the question is which genre you should choose?

The answer lies with two factors:

WHO is on your guest list, and

WHAT is the theme of your wedding

a) WHO is on your guest list:

Do note the percentage of the age groups in your list. If they are mostly people around your age, it is a relatively younger crowd, and Top 40s pop should be the better choice!

If its for a more senior crowd, eg. Grandma, Granddad, uncles, aunts etc., choosing a genre of classic songs with added dialects like Hokkien and Cantonese will add value to them!

Another thing to note is are they mostly English speaking or a mixture of English/Chinese?

b) WHAT is the theme of your wedding

Are you looking at having a Party, Soft Intimate, Nice Elegance theme, or just a band to fill in the silence in the background?

These are some of the factors your wedding live band coordinator will take into consideration when recommending the ideal live band for your wedding!

Speak to us, and we will advise you more on this!

2) Your Budget

The average price in getting a professional live band for your wedding starts at $1k, and it can stretch to upwards of $4k.

Some factors that you can take note of are:

  1. Size of the band (2 piece - 7 piece band)

  2. Sound system (catered for above or below 250 pax)

  3. Optional Top-ups

  • Emcee(s),

  • Solemnisation / Cocktail / Pre-Wedding set,

  • Any singer(s) required to double as instrumentalist

  • Have an added DJ for your After-Wedding party?

3) Size of your Band:

Most wedding live bands range in having a 2 piece to a large 7 piece band. Let us break down what you can get from the different sizes of the bands:

Do visit our videos page to see the different sizes of the bands!

a) 2 Piece Band

- 1 Singer + 1 Instrumentalist (Keyboard or Guitar)

- Compact stage size of 2.5m x 1.5m

- Best for budget and simple setting.

- Optional top up to 2.5 piece band: 2 singers with 1 of them doubling as instrumentalist

b) 3 Piece Band (most popular)

- Choice of 1 Singer + 2 Instrumentalists, or 2 Singers + 1 Instrumentalist

- Compact Stage size of 2.5m x 1.5m

- Best for a slightly increased budget with an intimate touch.

- For couples who want a band that is:

  • a) Interactive but sounds less full (2 Singers + 1 Instrumentalist)

  • b) Sounds full but is less interactive (1 Singer + 2 Instrumentalist)

c) 4 Piece Band

- Usually 2 Singers + 2 Instrumentalists (1 Singer + 3 Instrumentalists is also possible)

- Stage size of 2.5m x 2m

- Best for having best of both worlds: An Interactive band with full sounding instruments.

d) 5 Piece and Above

- Usually 2 Singers + 3 Instrumentalists (or more)

- Stage size of 3m x 2.5m

- Best for party style bands!

4) Who is Coordinating your Band

After getting these pointers, it is time to search for your wedding live band service provider! They will be the one to piece your band members together, and be the point of contact to all your musicians and the sound system crew.

Getting the right provider gives you a peace of mind, and going with an established company with a proven track record will ensure that everything runs smoothly at your once-a-lifetime event.

The last thing you would want to experience is a "no-show" by the musicians!

Some things to look out for:

  • How long has the company been established?

  • Do they have Testimonials / Reviews?

  • Have you heard of them while going through wedding forums / blogs?

  • Is the coordinating person you are in touch with fast and patient in their response?

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