Singer . Emcee

English Mando Canto Hokkien

With his bubbly personality and his signature "mushroom" head, Jayden has proven to be a well liked entertainer both on and off stage.

Some of his achievements in his singing career includes being in the top 5 of Mediacorp's nationwide singing competition "Project Superstar" in 2014 and Taiwan's 明日之星 singing competition. He had also represented Singapore in 全球闽南语创作歌唱大赛.

His past experiences in singing includes being resident vocalist at Resorts World Sentosa for 3 years. He is current one of the resident singers at Switch by Timbre, where he captivates his audiences with his power house vocals.

Catch him for your event and be mesmerzied by his singing!


Compilation of Wedding songs

Taiwan's 明日之星 performance

《绝对 Superstar》 performance