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Singer . Emcee . Guitarist

English  Mando  Hokkien


Jacky, a Singapore singer-songwriter, graduated from Season 2 Very Signer's Course organised by Ocean Butterflies. Graduated alongside are JJ Lin and A-Do.

Jacky represented Singapore in a China singing competition《名师高徒》hosted by《江苏卫》. He also emerged as Top 4 in Mediacorp's 《非常 Superband》 competition.

He has also lent his voice to Mediacorp mandarin drama shows such as《百岁大吉》and《志在四方》.

Apart from these, he is also the composer for songs like 人狼 by A-DO, 一直守候 by 袁嘉 and 乐习惯了的残缺 (Theme song for Innamorati 2 musical).

He has also performed in pubs such as Switch, Shuffle and many more! 

A soulful voice with the right charisma, you can be sure that he will be the great voice for your event!

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